Conservative news sites spin Taiwan tragedy to push anti-gay agenda

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New footage of the recent tragedy at a water park in Taiwan is being twisted by conservative “news” sites for their fucked-up agendas.

A fiery explosion ignited by flammable colored powder injured 500 revelers. Three tons of corn starch dyed with food coloring caught fire either from a spark or a cigarette lighting up the powder wherever it was. Two people have died.

When video surfaced, Natural News wrote an conspiratorial piece how U.S. writers weren’t allowed to call it what he thinks it was, that being a “gay pride” party.

The Conservative Post shared an article on Facebook titled “Video: 500+ Gay Pride Participants Burned Alive in Taiwan” using words like “burned alive” and “biblical-scale firestorm”.

Gay Pride burned alive in Taiwan water park

(I’m purposely not linking to either directly, so you’ll have to search for it)

As mentioned, two people died and more than 200 real people were severely burned and these scumbags see it as an opportunity to spread more lies. Yes, lies — it wasn’t reported as a gay pride party because it wasn’t gay pride party. Here’s why…

Colour Play Asia, not Gay Pride

If these news sites cared to do any research they’d know that the party at the Formosa Fun Coast water park was thrown by an organization called “Colour Play Asia“. Colour Play Asia is an event that is inspired by the Hindu religious festival “Holi” also known as the “festival of colors” celebrated most commonly in India and Nepal.

During Holi, “participants play, chase and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight” much like the non-gay Color Run popular here in the United States.

Just in case you’re still not getting it: despite the rainbow colors, the Color Play Asia party, Holi and The Color Run are NOT affiliated with Gay Pride events.

Taiwan’s Gay Pride Hasn’t Happened Yet

These posts also failed to mention that Taiwan’s 2015 Gay Pride isn’t scheduled until almost four month from now, on October 31, 2015. In fact, to emphasize, Taiwan’s Gay Pride has always been held in September and October (Wikipedia says Taiwan Pride 2013 happened in June, but it was easy to determine that it was in October)

Weird. Those facts. If you’re interested in reading a much more in-depth take down of Natural News and The Conservative Post, go to Dead State.

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    NeoconsNailed says:

    This is the yellow journalism that bugs you? The insanely radical-leftist “mainstream” media have given way to even more Orwellian. social media behemoths who work around the clock to racemonger America to death and kill the Bill of Rights. Project Veritas has exposed their people as liars and criminals.

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