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Rainbows! Castro to remain tacky as fuck

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Are you holding out hope that the Castro will someday pull itself out of the early 1990’s? That maybe one day, San Francisco’s historically gay district will grow up and won’t be as tacky and unfortunately campy as it has been the last decade plus?

Don’t hold your breath, the Castro Streetscape Improvement Project just released the design candidates for the decorative crosswalks that are to be laid out on Castro St., and two of the four candidates are rainbows!

What could have inspired such a unique and groundbreaking design move?

Castro crosswalk designs

In the survey, the project asks the public which one of the above four designs that they prefer saying that “Your vote is important. The votes from the community will be used to determine the design and location (or layout) of the decorative crosswalks.”

Yet, immediately after asking for your design preference, question #2 then theoretically asks the voter that if design A (rainbow #1) was chosen, how would they like the rainbows to be displayed on the crosswalk? Horizontal, vertical, or chaos theory?

Castro Crosswalk Survey question 2

Wait, what? Who made this survey?

Maybe the rainbow deities will be fair in the voting process, but if I were to judge the likelihood of my non-rainbow vote being counted based on the survey, I wouldn’t be very optimistic. Sounds like the Castro is locked into a couple more decades of rainbow crosswalks, stores with sexual innuendo on their awnings, underwear shops, and a slew of horrible dining options.

[Update] I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so. The rainbow design received 112% of the vote – that’s more than the 100% than Kim Jong Un received in a recent North Korean election.

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