Frontier Airlines SUCKS, and it will cost you

Frontier Sucks: Confu$ing Fare Option$$$$

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> TL;DR: Follow your gut.


Frontier Airlines SUCKS, and it will cost you
As I was browsing flights back home from Dreamforce, I saw that Frontier Airlines had a flight that was best suited to my preferred schedule (sleeping in).

I was hesitant to book it because I had a faint memory of a negative experience with Frontier that happened sometime between 8 months and 7 years ago. Something rubbed me the wrong way back then, but somehow (alcohol) my memory of that incident escaped me. So despite my gut (alcohol), I booked the Frontier flight.

Big mistake. I’ll get to the point- Frontier wanted me to pay $30 to check in my CARRY ON. This is after I already checked in my large piece of luggage, and of which I already paid $25.

This was the carry on that fit inside the little luggage coffin that they asked me to place it in. I did. It did. After passing that stress test, the employee took a look at my ticket and said that I would still have to check in the bag because my ticket was a “basic fare” – or one that was purchased from a third party (e.g. Expedia).

BTW, my “basic fare” cost $325 ONE WAY.

I could have had them check my carry on in at the gate for $100, or I would have to go back to the counter, check-in my carry on and go through security again –  *** which *** no one likes. For that convenience, that would have only been $30!

So as we dooz, I tweeted out my frustration.

Frontier was quick to tweet back their fare “options:”

blah blah blah

Thanks, @FrontierCare (NO LINK FOR YOU!) for explaining how ridiculously complicated your airline is.

Shouldn’t a low-cost carrier be low maintenance? More simple as opposed to complicated?

Outside of FlyerTalk members, Frontier employees, your CFO, and your social media person, no one understands nor gives a shit about the differences between basic, economy, economy plus and classic…. until they do.

Basic, or Economy, or Economy Plus, or Classic – are you serious? FUCK, I hated that I even had to type that out to make my point.

Blarrrrgh. At this point I was somewhat frustrated yet somehow enjoying the silliness of four fare options that were basically synonymous to one another, so I carried on with more tweeting at Frontier.




I’m neither proud, not embarrassed by my tweets. No one knows your age on Twitter. I could be 12 years old for all you know. I could be batkid.


And of course, my flight wasn’t full; there was some space remaining in the luggage bins. I was strangely satisfied by this, it confirmed that this wasn’t a move of necessity, but one of the bottom line. At least on this flight.

It’s a $cumbag move that Frontier charges for baggage on ticket$ purcha$ed from Expedia, Concur, Travelocity, a$ to penalize user$ because tho$e aggregator$ get a cut? Yet they continue to allow their fare$ to be displayed. I think you get my drift$.

And I don’t care if Frontier plasters “we charge for carry ons” all over their website and on their planes, rename their airline “no carry ons” – that’s just a confusing rule that was created to squeeze consumers.

* I just took a look at @FrontierCare’s twitter feed and they get a lot of hell for their carry-on fees; a large chunk of tweets at FronterCare are complaints about their “option$” Clearly, loyalty isn’t in their long term plans.

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