How to contact family and friends in Vieques after Hurricane Maria?

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Five days ago, we created after Hurricane Maria. Little did we know that it would be relied on as one of the few ways to get into touch with the island community of approximately 9,000 people. Shared over 2,000 times, we didn’t realized this small blog post would get so many visitors inquiring and pleading for more information about their loved ones.


How to Contact Loved Ones in Vieques After Hurricane Maria?

The fact that our post went viral highlights the extreme lack of media coverage about the damage done to Vieques (and Puerto Rico) after Hurricane Maria. That coupled with the island’s inability to communicate with the mainland only served to compound the issues.

With all that going on, we wanted to create a separate resource as another way for family and friends to connect with their loved ones on Vieques, or to communicate with friends and neighbors that are safe in Vieques whom might be able to connect with or look for them. Here’s a handful of different resources, forums, and contact information that we’ve been made aware of in the last five days. We organized the options in order of how you check them.

1. Check Vieques Safe List

This publicly-shared Google Sheet is the first resource you should click on. Called the “Vieques Safe List”, it’s a basic spreadsheet that lists the first and last names of those that have been supposedly been confirmed safe. Sorted by FIRST NAME, the title of the spreadsheet displays the day (not exact time) it was last updated. We’re not sure whom created it, but it feels like a grassroots effort with those on the ground updating it.


2. Email Puerto Rico’s Disaster Relief Team

As mentioned by the Miami Herald, if you haven’t made contact with your loved one(s) in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, the territory’s Federal Affairs Administration is asking people to email the island’s disaster relief team at

Due to the high volume of requests, the officials are asking to only send ONE email. Sending another email only serves to slow the process down for everyone. You may send a follow-up email only if the status of your loved one(s) has changed.

3. The “Vieques Peeps” Facebook Group

You can also try to connect with those on the island via the Facebook page called Vieques Peeps. It’s a private group that you can request to join as long as you have a Facebook profile. Once you’re accepted, you can post your questions on the group’s page and hopefully connect with someone that might have news on your loved one.

4. Carribbean Hurricane Network Forum

You may be able to find some information on loved ones at the Carribbean Hurricane Network forum for Vieques here: There is one forum completely dedicated to the information on people, properties and other questions regarding Vieques.


5. Comment Here

As many family and friends have already done, if you’re searching still, feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this post and we’ll add their names. The following is a list of names that loved ones are looking for and have commented on our post(s). We’ll further organize this list as the day goes on but wanted to get the names up as soon as possible.

Arbelo Israel de Barrio Monte Santo sector Pozo prieto
Ayala Joaquin Lives in EL Pilon area – Rte: 995
Bermudez Angel Manuel N/A
Bogle Cameron N/A
Carabot Beto Lives in Monte Santo in front of the Gallera
Casanova Warren N/A
Casanova Willie N/A
Castro Ada Wife of Jorge Castillo Yes
Castro David Lives in Minte Santo
Castro Chong (Maria) Lives in Minte Santo
Chester (Butchie) Has house in the Pueblo
Castillo Jorge Owner of the Crystal Dolphin on the Malecon Needs Confirm
Colon Luz N/A
Diaz Angel Luis N/A
Dixon Christina she works at el Quenepo Yes
Encarnación Ana Luz de Barrio Monte Santo sector Pozo prieto
Encarnación Felicito (Felix) de Barrio Monte Santo sector Pozo prieto
Encarnación Joaquina de Barrio Monte Santo sector Pozo prieto
Encarnación Marciana de Barrio Monte Santo sector Pozo prieto
Felix Luis lives in villa borinquen in Viequez
Felix Sandra lives in villa borinquen in Viequez
Fernandez Alba Lydia N/A
Fernandez David from Monte Santo
Fraser Peter N/A
Garcia Rosa N/A
GARCIA CRUZ M. from Monte Carmelo
Griffin Dorothy Calla Sin Salida
Griffin Dotti
Hatcher Brian also known as the "Tile Guy" or "Tile Brian"
Hendricks Alex lives in villa borinquen in Viequez
Hendricks Norma lives in villa borinquen in Viequez
Hernandez Aida N/A
Hernandez Deneen N/A
Horta Hector Their family runs Hortas Needs Confirm
Horta PJ Their family runs Hortas
Kandel Phillip N/A
Jackson Lowell N/A
Jones Les Former owners Sol Food Yes
Lukowsky Brittany Yes
Marino Nicholas live on Flamboyan in Esperanza Beach
Marino Robert live on Flamboyan in Esperanza Beach
Martinez Genovea lives next to Taverna Rst.
Maruniak Daniel Yes
Meacham Bill Lives at 325 Tintillos Esperanza and ham radio operator KP4SX
Melendez Maria N/A
Miranda Esther Altamirano Lives in Monte Santo in front of the Gallera
Monell Yito N/A
Morales Angel David N/A
Moyers Donna (Dr.) N/A
Navarro Felicita N/A
Nieves Wilda from jardines de vieques te querio
Olivelli Nicole Former owners Sol Food Yes
Perez Marcial “Blanco” N/A
Perez Sixto “Tito” N/A
Perez Miguel Angel “Titi” N/A
Perez Luis Marcial “Chequi” N/A
RIVERA EDDIE from Monte Carmelo
Rivera Miguel Angel N/A
RIVERA Nauri from Monte Carmelo
Robinson Francisco from Monte Carmelo
Ross James 'Black' from Longview Texas, moved to vieques 3 months ago
Soukup Kelly Owners of Bananas Yes
Soukup Kurt Owners of Bananas Yes
Stygles Laura N/A
Stygles Stu N/A
Tapia Alberto N/A
Torres Jenny N/A
Torres Jesus N/A


Other options that is suggesting include

We can’t confirm the authenticity of any of the above resources, but want to publish out as many different ways for those looking to contact their loved ones. We’ll continue to update this post as we become aware of any more ways to contact Vieques.


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  1. avatar
    Mimi Hernandez says:

    My grandmother Adelaida Garcia is searching for family members in Vieques:

    – Maria Melendez
    – Miguel Angel Rivera
    – Angel Manuel Bermudez
    – Rosa Garcia
    – Felicita Navarro
    – Angel Luis Diaz

  2. avatar
    Janet says:

    I’m looking for my family members in Isabel II Vieques:

    Marcial “Blanco” Perez
    Sixto ” Tito” Perez
    Miguel Angel “Titi” Perez
    Luis Marcial ” Chequi” Perez

  3. avatar
    Jolanda says:

    Im lookin for my uncle david fernandez frim monte santo
    My 2nd mom wilda nieves from jardines de vieques te querio!
    My sister alba lydia fernandez.
    My fanily is big and cannot locate anyof then. Im crying and my heart also in million pieces for all of you.

  4. avatar
    Jenny Migueles Mitchel says:

    Estoy buscando información sobre mi mamá Ana Luz Encarnación mis tías Joaquina y Marciana Encarnación primos Felicito Felix Encarnación e Israel Arbelo todos de Barrio Monte Santo sector Pozo prieto por favor!!! Gracias y que Dios y la Virgen los bendiga….. Jenny de Santa Cruz 340-690-8085.

  5. avatar
    Pedro Melendez says:


    Looking for my sister Norma Hendricks lives in villa borinquen in Viequez. She’s diabetic and healwise not doing good. Her husband is Alex Hendricks. Norma has a daughter named Sandra Felix and a son named Luis Felix. We implored someone to let me know if they have seen her and if she is ok. PLEASE PLEASE I beg you for help anyone out there.
    God bless you for your help.
    My name is Pedro.

  6. avatar
    Myrna Torres says:

    I have been writing letters which have returned and calls not answered. Concerned about family named Amelia, Maria Veronica, Enrique. The family name is Marin. We have always contacted them by writing to a p.o. Box 1578 , Vieques Puerto Rico 00765. This box has been used since 1940s. Please if you can help us find out if they are ok.

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