Here’s 5 reasons why online casinos have exploded and have become so popular

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In the rush of modern life, technology is something we now all rely on a great deal. This can be at work where computers help us perform our roles or at home where the internet is used to shop or to stay connected with friends. Of course, tech is also behind how we like to stay amused in our spare time in many ways. Online casino play is a great example of this in action. The Hollywood online casino is popular with many U.S. players and shows what these internet casinos have to offer.

The figures around this industry certainly back up how popular playing casino games online now is globally. From a net worth of around $45.8 billion in 2017, it is being tipped to reach close to the $100 billion mark by 2024. But how has the industry become such a massive presence in the entertainment sector?

Rise of mobile gaming Some things just go together well – peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and eggs for example. Online casino play and mobile gaming are another match made in heaven. It is estimated that this sector made around $60 billion alone last year which shows just how buoyant it is. Playing at internet casinos made up a big portion of this global annual revenue as more people began to use their smartphones to enjoy classic slots or card games. As mobile gaming has continued to become more popular to enjoy in our spare time, then it would seem activities which are most suited to it, have also flourished. After all, what better way is there to kill time when waiting for friends or during your commute to work?

Convenience  When looking at how online casinos have become such a dominant force, you must take into account the convenience they offer to players. For many people, convenience is a major attraction and it has allowed the industry to attract a new, wider audience. But how has this been achieved by the technology and the companies? The answer is that combined they have made playing casino games much simpler and less hassle.

Rather than having to travel to the nearest physical casino, you can now play from the comfort of your own home. You can play in an atmosphere you find less intimidating and more pleasant when compared to traditional casinos. All these factors have encouraged people, including more female players, to log onto online casinos in recent years when they otherwise would not have given casino games a try.

Greater media exposure When it comes to how online casinos have risen in popularity so quickly, a major reason is how they are marketed. Brands have far greater media exposure now than in the past which helps bring new players into the sector.

Soccer club sponsorship is a classic example of this in action. 32Red sponsor Derby County in the English Championship league and this is also seen at other soccer clubs around the world. By taking advantage of how popular these sports are, casino brands can attract a far greater number of people to play. When you also add in TV advertising and the greater media exposure online or in print, it is clear to see how this has helped.

Legality Growing The United States is a great example of how laws have changed the minds and hearts of a previously illegal industry. With several recent changes of online gambling laws allowing individual states — including Michigan, Illinois, and New Jersey — to make online (and offline) gambling a legal leisure activity.

By making online gambling a pastime which is not only legal but also socially accepted, changes to laws like this are bringing more people to the online gaming sphere. If you’re interested in dabbling, We’d check out the best casino reviews.

Online casino play is seen as socially acceptable  One clever thing the sector has done to promote growth is to change the image of gambling at a casino. Rather than the slightly seedy image of traditional casinos, internet casinos are fun, bright and inclusive places. This has helped overhaul the image of casino play and as a result society has become more accepting about people enjoying it. The changing attitude of some governments has also helped the sector to grow.

Ultimately – it lets us enjoy ourselves Looking at how online casinos have become so popular is worthwhile, but it is also worth thinking about why this has happened. While the range of games and promotions help, the major thing is that they’re fun and give you an enjoyable way to fill any spare time with no fuss. When you also add the chance to win some money, it is no surprise to that this way of playing games online has become so popular.





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