Did M.I.A. just tease a new single/new music under “Vision 2020”?

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It’s 2020 and been nearly four years since M.I.A.’s last album, but in a recent Instagram post, global superstar or rap and beats announced that she’s coming out with new music.

new year and a new decade, and M.I.A. is ready for a new adventure.

As she tends to do, the “Galang” artist released a short clip or music and visuals teasing new music on the way. Whether it’s a single, E.P. or a new album isn’t exactly clear, all we know is there’s fresh beats coming down on at the end of the week.

On her Instagram, M.I.A. wrote that she’s planning on exploring “new planets and platforms” and we’ll get to see what that means on Friday, Jan. 31. From the clip, we can expect more of the vibrant, Asian-influenced upbeat vibes and Indian samples we’re used to seeing from the Sri Lankan/British superstar.

The short clip that was shared out on Twitter and Instagram, celebrates the new decade with a simple message of “Vision 2020.” Whatever comes from it, we’re here for new M.I.A.

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