The 10 best, most-popular wedding haircuts for men going into 2020

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We are used to the fact that in preparation for the wedding ceremony, the main attention (more than 90%) is given to the appearance of the bride – her wedding dress, hairstyle, shoes, manicure, etc. It’s no surprise that men’s preparation is overshadowed by the bride’s needs and wants.

What’s lost in the prep is how men’s hairstyles at their own weddings are important; it is often the nuance that completes the elegance of the image. First of all, the hairstyle shouldn’t be untidy or too uncomfortable in movement. Remember that a wedding is a multi-functional celebration for the groom. A man will need to participate in a photo shoot; he will also need to dance with an elegant bride, pronounce words of devotion, love, and gratitude, hug with guests, communicate a lot, and move.

1. Classic Men’s Hairstyle Classic men’s wedding hairstyles are of great demand among grooms. Celebrities such as Robert de Niro and Ben Affleck prefer a similar style. By the way, pretty Ukrainian ladies consider this haircut the best for grooms. These are short, neat haircuts that don’t attract attention with shocking notes and spontaneity. Such haircuts can be either smoothly fitted with a side parting or thickly combed in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head.

2. Combed to the Side Any men’s haircut for a wedding with a side parting will be in harmony with the suit and the image of the bride, as this is the most versatile type of haircuts. Most often, stylists recommend an asymmetric parting, in which there will be more hair on one side, respectively, more volume. Such haircuts imply a short or medium length of hair.

3. Elongated If a man has a straight forehead line and large facial features, he can get elongated men’s wedding haircuts. In addition, such cuts look great on straight and curly curls. Most often, elongated haircuts are preferred by grooms of middle age.

4. Creative hairstyle It will suit bold and vibrant grooms. In this style, make styling in the form of “creative mess,” torn strands, curls, and even a Mohawk. But you shouldn’t forget about the style of a bride.

5. Undercut This is one of the most striking and fashionable men’s haircuts this season. It gives charm, elegance, and sophistication. Actually, this type of haircut has been popular for several years. It differs in that the temple is shaved and long strands are left on top and need to be combed to the side or back.

6. The Fade This is a hairstyle that managed to become a classic. The stylist shaves a man’s temples, and the hair on the back of his head smoothly lengthens and reaches a couple of centimeters to the top of his head. It is especially popular among men with a beard.

7. Top Knot It is a variation of the undercut but with longer strands that fixed in a tail or bundle. It looks perfect on straight hair. This hairstyle borrowed from Japanese warriors. Such haircuts give men brutality and spontaneity.

8. The Pompadour This is a popular hairstyle. Elvis Presley was a big fan of it. At the back and temples, hair is cut short. On the top of the head, hair is left long, slightly narrowing on the sides. The strands are slightly lifted and combed back. It is important to style this haircut every day.

9. ManBun The hairstyle is similar to Top Knot, but there is no need to shave temples and the back of the head. This is good for men with long hair who don’t have time to go to stylists. If we talk about the celebrities who love this hairstyle, then it is Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto.

10. Buzz It seems to be always in trend. After all, such haircut suits almost everyone. The owners of naughty and thick hair will feel the most comfortable with it. By the way, such a haircut is often chosen by the celebrities, for example, Chris Evans or Jake Gyllenhaal.

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