Confirmed: ZARA’s Summer SALE 2019 is online and in-store Thursday! #zarasale

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By now you might have seen the email the company sent out, or saw it blasted over social media —  ZARA’s bi-annual sale is here. The discounts started online last night at 10 PM and will be in physical stores today.

Today being Thursday, June 20th, 2019 — almost exactly a year to the day from the last year’s Summer/Spring sale date . If you’re not on their email list and didn’t get a chance to look it over, don’t worry you didn’t miss much.

ZARA emails aren’t heavy on the wors. The email simply stated when and where:

“Our online SALE starts tonight at 10:00pm EST”

That means in a couple hours you have a couple choices – you can start perusing the marked down items at from the comfort of your MAC — whether at home or at work, or you can start heading to your nearest location.

When Will ZARA’s Summer Sale Start at Stores?

And was with previous bi-annual sales, ZARA’s Spring/Summer sale will begin the day after the online sale kicked off. As soon as the ZARA opens on June 20th, 2019, you’ll start seeing those beautiful red sales tags indicating another ZARA blowout and your retail therapy can begin then and there.

Just as we put our money where our mouths were, we called that the sale would start in the third week of June. That’s the normal schedule for ZARA sales — it begins online and the next morning, sales tags decorate the latest fast fashions in-store. The email confirmed as much:


To stroke our ego a little, we’re proud that our predictions are back on track so we can share future sales with you and ZARA lovers with full confidence.. How what are we waiting for, let’s go can re-stock our wardrobe with discounted summer styles.

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