Impress job recruiters with a Microsoft certification by passing the MCSE MS-100 Exam

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With so many updates, one never knows what lies ahead within the IT industry. But one thing that keeps you constant, even with the non-stop updates and advancements, is by getting certified with Microsoft.

Every year, more and more IT neophytes add to the growing percentage of unemployed professionals. The competition for IT jobs are tough, really. But you can break through the competition if you have something to be proud of―something that makes you a standout. Undeniably, getting validated from an IT leader like Microsoft is such a nice way to impress employers. So, walk the talk and get your own Microsoft certification.

The rise of role-based certifications

The year 2018 marked the era of Microsoft role-based certification program. This replaces older certification tracks that highly focus on theories instead of job functions. At present, changes in the training and certification program are still visible and will continue to prosper so long as Microsoft deems it necessary. But really, these alterations are designed to help professionals of different ranks build a polished skillset for specific job roles.

And to give you an idea of the new certification level, here’s how it is divided into three. The Fundamental certifications are meant to impart core IT concepts and insights to newbies. The Associate credentials are for those with at least two years of comprehensive IT background―hence having a Fundamental certification before taking this one is recommended but not required. And last is the Expert-level validation that is intended to professionals with two to five years in-depth IT work experience, which means most of these already require completion of Associate-level certification.

Now, it’s time to tackle a rather famous, expert-level certification in the name of Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert.

The journey of becoming a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert

From the title itself, this certification is designed for professionals who have fully established mastery in Microsoft 365 services. This mastery is all about efficient and effective completion of various tasks such as evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying, and administering the said technologies. But how do you do such complex job responsibilities? The answer lies with its certification exams―MCSE MS-100 and MS-101.

And in this article, you will know everything you need to learn about its first required test, which is MS- 100.

The ins and outs of MCSE MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

Learning about different Microsoft 365 services can be a tough process. Hence, you need to take it step-by-step and start with MCSE MS-100. For this exam, it emphasizes key tenant management roles such as identities, services, security, among others.

With such complex tasks, it’s best to have prior understanding of Microsoft 365 workloads via an administrator role. So, if you have experience as an administrator utilizing one or more 365 workloads such as Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint, then you are fit for the exam. If not, you should have a deep background in server administration and networking, which includes areas like DNS, PowerShell, and Active Directory.

Learning MS Topics By Heart

Familiarizing the topics is never enough to keep you on your A-game during the exam. When you take an exam, you should create a study plan that will help you organize and cover all the topics, together with its sub-topics.

And for MCSE MS-100, it is partitioned into four main areas. These are:

1.     Create and Implement Microsoft 365 Services

Let’s begin with the first main topic. In this area, you must know how to successfully preside over domains as well as manage subscription and tenant status. Moreover, you should be able to plan 365 implementation, data and users efficiently.

2.     Administer User Identity and Roles

This section holds the biggest percentage in the exam topics, hence extra preparation is needed. Identity and roles are very crucial in Microsoft 365. So, you need to immerse yourself with related tasks such as designing identity strategy and formulate identity management via Azure AD connect. You also have to foster your management skills in user roles, identities, and identity synchronization.

3.     Govern Authentication and Access

Also part of the things that you need to practice is how to manage and monitor access and authentication methods. Moreover, you must know the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication or popularly known as MFA. Through this, you will learn how to excellently create an MFA solution as well as configure and administer MFA users and application access in Azure AD.

4.     Project Office 365 Workloads and Applications

Completing the list of the topic is the workload and applications deployments. In this section, practice your skills in classifying hybrid requirements, planning connectivity, and preparing migration strategies. In addition, you should mug up your abilities in managing software downloads and planning various Office 365 apps, Pro plus apps, updates, and connectivity.

All-out in using different prep materials

All these topics are discussed comprehensively in the self-paced training course offered by Microsoft. Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend anything on this interactive, E-learning course because it’s free. But if you want to further strengthen your skills, then you can avail of the paid instructor-led that is personalized for your convenience. Other than that, you shouldn’t miss answering different practice tests and try other training courses that allow you to examine your exam readiness. You can check out and see their amazing range of prep materials such as practice tests, study guides, training courses, and audio guides.


The IT domain is such an exciting world to partake. But of course, it’s quite difficult to cross the threshold or even stay steady because of the nonstop trends. Keep a good reputation and continuously impress employers with a prestigious certification like Microsoft on your profile. But of course, you need to pass first all corresponding exams before you acquire its most desired credential. For that, devote your time to the efficient preparation by visiting PrepAway online platform along with Microsoft official website.

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