When is Zara’s Fall & Winter sale in 2019?

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Just like that, the summer was over and we’ve entered Autumn. It is now October and we are all starting to feel the drop in temperature, the shorter days and witness the trees lose their leaves. 

Now we are all wondering when the fall fashion ranges will be coming out in 2019, after all it has been a while since we got into our jumpers and jeans, having spent so long in shorts and t-shirts.

Zara is one of the most popular fashion retailers out there, and especially when it comes to the fall. The previous season’s men sales were very well received and seemed like the fast fashion retailer was back on the game.

When will Zara’s Fall / Winter sale be in 2019?

We’re certain a lot of you Zara heads are out there very excited to find out when the retailers next sale will be upon us. What’s great is that, like the last few years, it is quite easy to predict when the sale will start thanks to how the seasons unfold in terms of their weather.

The last few years have all followed a pattern for Zara. The summer sale is a little more of a crapshoot than the Fall/Winter sale, so let’s break it down and start with 2019. That sale was on the 26th December, and if we look at the others that have taken place, then it is easy to pinpoint the next one.

Year Promotion Sale Date
2019 Fall/Winter Dec 25 (online)
2018 Autumn/Winter
2017 Fall/Winter
2016 Fall/Winter Dec 26
2015 Fall/Winter
2014 Fall/Winter Dec 27 (online)
2013 Fall/Winter Dec 20

So, when will the 2019 Zara sale be? Well it surely is set to be no later than the 27th December, so really there is only just over two months to go before you can get your hands on those new and lovely winter clothes!

update: Zara is going full on with an online sale on Christmas Day itself!

To keep you going until then, there is usually the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which are around the 24th – 28th November, so that little bit closer over the main fall/winter sales. Those are worth taking part in, as they can be anything from 30-50% off, and the winter one will be around 30-40% off. So, get the dates in your calendar now folks if you want to remember all those bargains!

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