Sweetgreen opening six new NYC locations including Penn Station, Grand Central, The Bowery, and Rockefeller Center!

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Though sweetgreen started out in Washington D.C. and the surrounding DMV region, the insanely popular, growing and extremely valuable salad chain really expanded when it came to New York City. Now that the company has expanded into other states and cities, they’re putting their focus back on New York. They’re so thankful to their sg family with East Coast roots, sweetgreen announced that they’re opening more locations in the next couple months. Here’s what we received from sweetgreen a few days ago:

We’re opening soon in more neighborhoods around NYC and we’d love for you to celebrate with us.

The six new locations are in the following neighborhoods (called) Grand Central, Murray Hill, 32nd + Park, Bowery, Penn Plaza, and a location in the famed Rockefeller Center. Scroll down further to see the actual addresses of the new NYC locations of sweetgreen.

And as they’re wont to do, sweetgreen is offering free stuff for those openings.

New York City just got sweeter with more sg locations popping up around town. Sign up to stay connected with upcoming events (hint: free salad). We can’t wait to meet you. Click below to enter your email for invites to pre-opening events (aka free salad!), and give your friends + family a heads up because we have exciting things in store.

Nice. Sign up to know when these new handful of sweetgreens will open. It always helps to save a little money on sweetgreen or get a free kale salad outright. Here are the exact storefront locations of the new sweetgreens!

  • Grand Central 230 Park Avenue
  • Murray Hill 606 1st Avenue
  • 32nd + Park 2 Park Avenue
  • Rock Center 30 Rockefeller Plaza
  • Bowery 347 Bowery
  • Penn Plaza 7 Penn Plaza

Sweetgreen has over 75 storefronts around the nation — and that number was last updated in 2018, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re closer to 100 with new locations coming in New York City, a few locations that opened in Houston in 2019, Los Angeles, and other cities.


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