How to join a eGaming loyalty programs, True Blue VIP clubs for online casinos?

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Many people that are newly venturing into the eGaming world have this impression that online casinos give away the biggest rewards through welcome/signup bonuses. This is partly true because it is usually the larger amount than any other bonuses offered by a casino. Whilst the ultimate goal of the business is to retain regular customers.

In order to fuel an active customer base, VIP Clubs or Loyalty Programs are created. They have been widely used by many businesses for a long time and are crucially endorsed by online casinos as well. These programs come with the best rewards because they pay out the maximum returns to your investment.

So do you wish to join the true blue games club as well? Or learn the typical gestures of expert punters that make it to the top of the VIP program? Here’s all you need to know.

How VIP Clubs Work at Online Casinos

The basic agenda of VIP Clubs or Loyalty Programs is simple – spend more to get more. It’s a lot like how shopping cards work, then you shop, collect reward points and redeem these points to get a discount on your next purchase. So you keep shopping more to enjoy extra rewards. The same goes out for casinos.

The moment you register at a casino site and start playing with real money, you automatically become a member of the VIP club, which is formatted in multiple levels. You need to reach a certain level to start getting your rewards. And all you need to do about it is to deposit real money, play casino games, like slots, poker or bet on sports, and then withdraw your winnings subsequently. Doing this on a regular basis automatically lifts you from the Beginner level closer to the VIP level.

Different casinos would have different odds and rules. Moreover, different casinos use different terms, such as VIP program, loyalty points, loyalty program etc. Either way, it all heads to the same direction, and the standard practice to climb your way up to the “VIP” status is by collecting comp points (complementary points) or loyalty points.

Understanding Comp Points/ Loyalty Points

You earn comp points in exchange for making bets on certain types of games in a casino. Usually, slot games are known for being the faster and cheaper game to earn maximum comp points than other games like poker, baccarat or live casinos. But it differs from casino to casino. On a general framework, 100 point usually equals to 1 currency unit. So, if you play slots ( which contribute 100% towards wagering), for $100 wagered, you will earn 100 comp points, which then can be converted to $1.

In some casinos, the loyalty program is focused on high-rollers. When you have such a framework, reaching a certain level of the program is momentary. If you can’t continue with the process, it will take you down the levels. For such frameworks, it is seemingly impossible for a mid-range player to make it to the top of the program. But if you are indeed a prolific high-roller, these VIP programs can be immensely rewarding at its peak.

The VIP programs are also used by casinos to know their customers and monitor their gambling behaviours more prominently. Casinos utilize this information to improve their business and create more engaging offers that may appear more attractive to less-than-regular customers, and thus grow the network.

The VIP program is never any obligation or liability. Players will always have the freedom to decline or opt out of any offer that they don’t find useful or feel that they can’t keep up with.

Find a Casino That Feels Like the One!

If you are aiming to take part in VIP programs, the first thing you need to understand is that you have to lend some time to find the best casino with the top slots or table games that seems perfect for you to regularly spend your money and time in. For that, you need to ensure the following criteria :

  • Casino regulations;
  • Whether the overseas casino allows players from your jurisdiction into their VIP Club;
  • Reputation concerning payouts;
  • Security standards;
  • Convenient banking methods;
  • Affordability;
  • Transparency and reasonability of Terms & Conditions for VIP Program;
  • Quality of customer service.

In case with customer support, ensure it is available in the language that you’re comfortable with, test how prompt and interactive the responses are, and also ensure that they are available 24/7. Usually, for an establishment like online casino, it is more convenient to have a real person to talk to, instead of fumbling with chatbot customer support.

The best practice to become a VIP member is to use free credits and bonus offers first to explore a casino and have full knowledge of its T&Cs. Start with low wagers to get a hook of the online payment process and pace of payouts.

Use the Signup Bonus to Try Out New Games and Become a Pro!

Welcome bonuses are offered to new customers to give them the opportunity to get a hook of things, without needing them to spend much of their real money at the casino. The free credits can be used to test the games. And the more you play, the more you understand the rules. This has been a proven strategy for casinos to increase the number of regular customers by fueling their interest and ease of practising. Thus, it is a functional element that helps a novice player become a true-blue gamer and ultimately an active member of the VIP Club.

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