When is Zara’s spring / Mid-Season sale for 2017?

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However, so that their fans don’t have to wait half-a-year for the next sale, the Spanish-based fashion house has added a couple extra markdowns throughout the year.

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Albeit these sales are much smaller in scale than the multiple price drops you see with their huge Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter sales. That said, they’re still worth checking out. You can snag some good deals (just not “great deals”) during these smaller markdowns.


Zara’s Mid-Season / Spring Sale 2017

The most recent example of this is Zara’s new “Mid-Season Sale” that started on March 15th, that’s several days before Spring officially started (March 20, 2017).

During this sale, you can get some choice warm-weather gear for up to 50% off retail price for “selected items in-store and online”. As you well know, Zara’s full price is already much more reasonable than most retailers in the same category (and usually with much better quality).

Zara MidSeason Sale
Year Zara Sale Month/Day
2017 Mid-Season March 15
2016 Mid-Season April 1
2015 Mid-Season April 18

With the new Mid-Season sale, we don’t have to wait a half-year for even-more affordable Zara clothing. We can now add March as a future date to keep an eye out for discounted designs from Zara.

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      Cardoso says:

      Sale starts in Zara Stamford CT and cross county mall NY on 6/22- 6/23- 6/24 -6/25
      From 10 Am- 9PM on 6/22
      From 10 Am- 9:30 on 6/23 -6/24
      On Sunday 6/25 from 11AM- 6PM CT store
      On Sunday 6/25 from 11 AM- 7 pm NY store

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