Foxworth Vidrine is the racist student that repeatedly yelled “Get the f*ck out Ching Chongs” at LSU football game

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In a viral Tweet, Louisiana State freshman Christy Nguyen asked for help tracking down a white student that repeatedly directed xenophobic and racist remarks at she and her friends at a recent LSU football game.

Get the Fuck Out Ching Chongs!

Nguyen, a biology major recalled the incident on Twitter saying that the student  in the white shirt’s racist vitriol was completely out of the blue:

Does anyone know who this guy in the white shirt is?? He repeatedly yelled “Get the f*ck out Ching chongs” at me and my friends out of NOWHERE at the LSU game in the student section. His friends didn’t do anything. Please help find him & e-mail LSU

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the abuse continued without anyone stepping up to support Nguyen. Our society isn’t at a point where racism and discrimination against Asians isn’t frowned upon enough for strangers to jump in.

That lack of action forced Nguyen and her friends to leave the game with more than half the game remaining; approximately two minutes left in the second quarter. She and her friends were so uncomfortable and upset by the student’s actions. “It was really humiliating; he was yelling, and everyone around was just looking. He even had the satisfaction of seeing us leave,” she told The Daily Reveille.

Let’s Talk About Foxworth Vidrine

The great thing about the Internet, good and bad, is there’s justice to be had even if the culture and authorities aren’t inspired to stand up for their fellow humans.

As Twitter does when the social media platform deems it particularly offending, the tweet caught fire with over 33,000 re-tweets and nearly 58,000 likes. It turns out the young “man” in the white shirt was first misidentified before being confirmed as Foxworth “Fox” Vidrine, who is a a political science sophomore at LSU and surprise surprise, a member of a fraternity — Tau Kappa Epsilon to be exact.

Nextshark reported that Nguyen and her friends met with LSU Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Mari Fuentes-Martin, but they’ve yet to hear anything from their department since. We’re not sure how long an investigation takes, but any department worth their weight would have at least given them some update on the case.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that Asians and Asian-Americans aren’t yet prioritized when it comes to acts racism, so we’re stepping up from hundreds of miles away to put some more pressure on LSU and plaster Foxworth Vidrine’s name on the internet for all to see his disgusting, hateful, and ignorant behavior.

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