Review of the Hysure Dehumidifier with 2000ML water tank

In short, my basement needed to be dehumidified. After browsing millions of electric dehumidifiers on Amazon (okay, maybe dozens), I eventually settled on the Hysure Dehumidifier which seemed like a good moderately-priced, aesthetically pleasing device with a good-sized 2000ML water tank that promised to absorb moisture up to 269 square feet.  Not only that, their portable version got decent reviews. This is my review of the product.

Review: Hysure Dehumidifier (68oz. water tank)

However, I needed a larger one than the portable version – one that covered the space of my “basement”.

Unpacking the box was a little disconcerting in that it didn’t say “Hysure” on the outside whatsoever. Not a good sign. The good news is that it was lightweight and small, setup was easy and when it got going it was as quiet as advertised. The Hysure also looked nice enough that I was able to place it in an area where if someone saw it, wouldn’t say “that’s ugly and out of place” – not that any of my friends would say that, but they’d notice it.

I’ve now had the product about a month now and the 2000ML water tank has only filled up twice. In 30 or so days. I say “only” because I expected a below-grade basement to provide more than enough moisture. When I was perusing dehumidifiers, I was hoping that I didn’t have to empty it out every day, that’s why I chose one that had a 2000ML (68 fluid ounces) water tank. When the tank fills, the device will automatically shut off so no risk of it overfilling/spilling out.

Conclusion: Inconclusive. Though the dehumidifier had all the features and wants I was looking for in terms of looks, size, water tank capacity, and energy usage, I’m not sure the Hysure was absorbing as much moisture as there was to be had. It’s not like I lived in a cave with a dew on my ceiling and condensation on the windows, but it’s essentially a 300 square foot basement with a bathroom and washer, so at worst, it’s mildly damp. I expected it to remove more, but that could be just me. Luckily, there’s a 30 days money back and 24 months warranty if anything goes wrong. We’re going to test another dehumidifier to see if the Hysure was working well or not.

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