Anti fog solution by Fogless by Design review

Review: Fogless By Design Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog, Anti-Steam Spray

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Even though my showers tend to be shorter in duration than average, I like hotter than normal showers. That means even though it’s been only 3-5 minutes my bathroom mirror is severely fogged over, so I spent anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half using my hair dryer to defog the bathroom mirror as recommended around the internet, so I can see a clear reflection again.

I’ve been doing this for years because I didn’t really mind it, but I didn’t love doing it either. For the last six months, I made a mental note to look into a solution where I didn’t have to point my hair dryer at the mirror every morning.

Fogless By Design Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog Spray Review

Yes it took me six months to finally get around to it. So with some time on hands, I finally remembered to look into it. I pulled up Amazon and searched on “defogging bathroom mirror.” At first, some anti-fogging mirrors actually popped up, but I wasn’t ready to invest time and money into a vanity anti-fog bathroom mirror (though at $169.99 it would be a future consideration for sure).

Narrowing my search, a bunch of sprays were displayed as expected, so I filtered them by the highest reviewed. The highest reviewed item that was made specifically for the bathroom was the Fogless By Design Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog Spray, 32 fl. oz

At first I balked at the $12.99 price tag, my expectation of a solution was going to be half the price, so I looked around the site for a similar anti-fog product, good reviews, at a better price and didn’t have crazy chemicals in it.

I didn’t once consider the Rain-X brand anti-fog sprayon Amazon, it’s not only has only two stars, it’s much more expensive on a per ounce basis (Rain X is 12oz while Fogless is 32ox). Ultimately (and obviously since I am reviewing the product), I couldn’t find the combination of well-reviewed and cheaper and ended up purchasing the Fogless by Design spray product.

Did Fogless by Design Anti-Fog Spray Work?

In short, the product worked wonders and lasted much longer than what many of the Amazon reviews indicated. Read on.

I received the product in early March 2019. I didn’t get a chance to apply it until a couple days later. I read over the directions and it was straight forward.

Directions for Use: To prevent fog, spray onto bathroom mirrors and glass shower doors every few days or as needed; gently wipe with a damp lint-free cloth (do not use a squeegee)

I sprayed the product onto my bathroom mirror and wiped it clean with a small damp towel to ensure there wasn’t any streaks or residue remaining. Then I showered. I was amazed that it worked as well as it did. There were a few small spots that were fogged over, but that was because I didn’t wipe down the mirror as thoroughly.

As mentioned, though some of the reviews says that it only lasts a few days before it needs to be re-applied, my initial application has lasted nearly a couple weeks! In fact, that first application is still working as of this post. That was my biggest concern with the item was how long did the treatment last? The answer, a really long time!

Anti fog solution by Fogless by Design review

Conclusion: Fogless By Design’s Anti-Fog Spray

I can’t recommend enough Fogless By Design’s anti-fog spray for bathroom mirrors. After using the product, this was an easy choice. Not only does it work, was well-reviewed, but one application has lasted almost two weeks and was cheaper (on a per ounce basis) than the competitors. On top of all that, it is a USDA-certified biodegradable product that doesn’t contain any of the normal chemicals you find in the same products (e.g. VOC, petroleum products, sodium lauryl sulfates, alkylphenol surfactants, parabens, and synthetic dyes and fragrances).

In sum, the product does exactly as it promotes, it’s easy to use. Their anti-fog spray prevents the steam from a hot shower from fogging up bathroom mirrors and shower doors made of glass. That means that it also helps to stop soap-scum from forming (and thus mold from growing). highly recommends Fogless By Design Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog Spray you can get it on Amazon by clicking above or clicking below:

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