Save $3 at Luke’s Lobster with this coupon code (2018)

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I’ve visited Luke’s Lobster several times and only started to really begin to appreciate the fast-casual restaurant’s seafood offerings in my past few experiences at their self-proclaimed “shacks”.

It took some time to appreciate Luke’s Lobsters flavor. I can tell the difference between a lobster scampi from Red Lobster and one that’s not Red Lobster, but not necessarily the differences in one from Chesapeake Bay or one from Maine (where Luke’s sources their seafood).

Luke’s Lobster $3 Discount

There just isn’t very much competition for Luke’s Lobster in the fast casual space but that doesn’t mean you’re spending like you would at a sit-down restaurant. You’re walking out of Luke’s having spent anywhere between $15-25 — similar to what you would be paying if you went to Red Lobster, but with fresher, more-quality, sustainable ingredients.

At the “low end” for menu items, a crab roll will run you $14 and might be considered “cheap”, but it still isn’t pocket change

Luckily, we’re here to tell you that you can get $3 off at Luke’s Lobster using this referral code. After using the link, you’ll be prompted to download Luke’s mobile app that’s powered by LevelUp (so don’t be shocked when you’re taken to their page). If you’re a first timer, Luke will personally add $3 into your account to use toward your next purchase at one of their 30 lobster shacks.

You can use the promotional credit at any of their dozens of locations in New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Japan!

Luke’s Lobster Rewards: Spend $50, Earn $10

Luke’s Lobster app allows you to pay with your phone. Doing will pays off for you in the form of $10 toward your next shrimp, lobster or crab roll. On top of the $3 referral reward you’ll receive, you can garner Luke’s Lobster rewards with all the butter.

For every five visits ($10 per minimum) you spend, the East Village-based seafood company will add $10 into your Luke’s account. That’s essentially earning 10% each time you pay with Luke’s Lobster app. Download the app using this exclusive invite code and get three bucks applied to your first purchase.

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