HotelTonight expands to 100-day reservation window for discounted hotel rooms

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HotelTonight has got good news for those of you that rely on the app as much as you do planning on your calendar. Starting today, users can book up to 100 days out in some of our most popular locations. So it’s no longer HotelTonight, so much as it’s “Hotel in 3 months”.


Whether you’re looking for a room in 100 days, 100 hours or 100 milliseconds.

Though the company started out as a last-minute hotel room booking app, they’ve steadily extended the time frame in which one could use their app to look at availability further down the line. Back in 2014, the company expanded on it’s model by allowing reservations 7 days out. The move to 100-day bookings furtehr blure the line between their service and other services like, Expedia and

The difference is HotelTonight finds the greatest deals at the best hotels, meaning that they have special relationships with highly-rated hotels. The on-demand discount hotel app is kicking this off with a limited selection of some of their favorite hotels in limited cities. On top of that, every hotel in this limited selection will offer exclusive GeoRates and HT Perks deals. With the company’s HT Perks loyalty program, every booking gets a user closer to the next level of discount.

As of this email, 100-day advance booking is only available in 15 cities around the world: New York City, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, Dubai, Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, Palm Springs, San Diego, Boston, and Chicago.


The company confirms that they’re still the go-to app for grabbing great hotel rooms, at a discounted rate and at the last-minute without the need to search and scour the internet for a non-expired a promo code. This is the company’s move to expand on their booking experience and increase the amazing deals to give their users more flexibility and options.

With the new reservation-window change, we’ll have to wait and see whether participating hotels on the HotelTonight system will be offering discounted rates as good as you would find the day of, as opposed to three months out.

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