Jeopardy! Records: Austin Rogers’ record run for Jeopardy wins and most money

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The quirky, funky bartender from New York City was at it again last night, winning his eleventh consecutive game and primed to surpass the $400,000 total winnings milestone.

Austin Rogers Goes After Jeopardy Records

Already, Austin Rogers total winnings places him among the game show’s all-time winners. With a total of $411,000, he’s firmly cemented himself in the top five Jeopardy players in terms of most money won in history; nearly a full one hundred thousand in front of Arthur Chu. He won again on Wednesday’s episode and is comfortably over $400,000 — just a couple quirky answers from overtaking Matt Jackson, the fourth Jeopardy player on the all-time list.

Rank Player Total Money Games
1 Ken Jennings $ 2,520,700 74
2 Dave Madden $ 430,400 19
3 Julia Collins $ 429,100 20
4 Matt Jackson $ 411,612 13
5 Austin Rogers $ 411,000 12
6 Arthur Chu $ 298,200 11
7 Seth Wilson $ 265,002 11
8 Tom Nissley $ 235,405 8
9 Roger Craig $ 230,200 6
10 Larissa Kelly $ 223,597 6

* You can sort the table by total winnings and by games won

Update: For the most updated winnings and total wins, go to the all-time winners post that we’re updating daily. To see all of James Holzhauer’s winnings by day, go to this post.

If you’ve been following along recently, Rogers has endeared himself to the majority of Jeopardy fans with his playful, smiley self. He’ll stare directly into your soul and wave at you through the television.

He loves fooling around during the introductory theme song when they announce the contestants, he says “whatever” when he gets a answer wrong, and often has ad hoc back and forths with Alex Trebek. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with his antics. You just have to watch him.

Jeopardy Records: Most Money Won on One Day

Austin has already set a couple records. In his fifth and sixth wins, he etched his name in the Jeopardy! record books for the high one day winnings, taking home $65,400 and $69,000 respectively. Those win totals weren’t records, or the most in Jeopardy history, but they’re good for top five all-time.

Jeopardy Records: Highest One Day Total
Rank Winnings Contestant Air Date
1 $77,000 Roger Craig 09/14/2010
2 $75,000 Ken Jennings 07/23/2004
3 $69,000 Austin Rogers 10/03/2017
4 $68,000 Jerome Vered 05/21/1992
5 $65,600 Austin Rogers 10/02/2017
6 $65,200 Doug Lach 07/07/2000
7 $62,000 John Skelton 07/01/1998
8 $61,200 Frank Spangenberg 01/15/1990
9 $58,800 Mark Born 06/21/1991
10 $58,200 Arthur Chu 02/27/2014

Wherever the 38 year old freelance writer and bartender ends up from here on out, he’ll definitely be remembered not just in the record books as one of Jeopardy’s top players of all-time, but he’ll be warmly remembered in our hearts, too. Gross.

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