The other ‘Splash Brother’: Klay Thompson’s exceptional season deserves first billing, too

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With all the talk of the Golden State Warrior’s success this season, almost all of the talk has centered on Steph Curry. And for good reason: as leader of the team there is constant chatter around Curry being this season’s MVP. He broke his own league record for threes in the season with 6 games left. And he really showed off his ability to make the league’s best guards look like amateurs. Really, this is Curry’s season to remember thus far.

And so, Steph Curry’s 2014-15 campaign casts an enormous shadow. Not only on his opponents but even his own teammates, overshadowing the significant contributions of Klay Thompson and Andrew Bogut, the growth of Harrison Barnes, Shaun Livingston and Draymond Green, and the sacrifices of Andre Iguadola.

There’s Another Splash Brother?

It’s especially crazy considering the breakout season that Klay Thompson has had. Despite putting up some crazy numbers this season after raising his profile this summer with Team USA, the other half of the Splash Brothers rarely gets mentioned with his other half. Thompson is almost an afterthought.

This is a guy that scored a record-breaking 37 points in one quarter then scored 37 points in the first half, and as of this post, Klay has posted career-high averages in every single category except rebounds. All that in the fewest minutes since his rookie season.

It’s a shame Thompson’s season isn’t more widely-recognized as second banana. Again, Curry deserves all the accolades for his exceptional play, it’s just too bad that Thompson’s accomplishments have to be preceded with “…and what about the other Splash Brother?”

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