Steph Curry freezes Russell Westbrook with one-handed yo-yo dribble

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Kyrie Irving has the best handles in the NBA in the I’m-going-to-rock-your-ankles kind of way, but Steph Curry has the trickiest moves.

Curry’s tricks come from his ability to remain composed when he makes his move; for the most part, Steph keeps the same facial expression, posture, and speed throughout so the defender never knows when he’s going to make his move.

Watch this move he puts on Russell Westbroook and the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Curry dribbles up on in a medium-speed fastbreak. As Curry hits the three-point line, he places the ball between his legs which freezes the defense. With the same left hand, Curry pulls the ball back like a yo-yo, leaving Westbrook in his dust who is now pawing at Curry helplessly from behind. Steph strolls into the lane for a high finger roll off the backboard.

Not all two points are created equal.

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