Review: 1byone’s portable, smart car jump starter is worth the peace of mind

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No jumper cables? No road side assistance or AAA? No problem, 1byone’s portable jump starter will get you back on the road in less than ten minutes. The unit is small so it doesn’t take up much space — in the case it is a little larger than a regular-sized iPad and about 2 inches thick.


Once out, there are three core components to the portable car jumper.

1. Activation Device: Looks like a small remote control with two jumper cables attached to it.
2. Battery: The actual battery is the size of an iPhone
3. Standard AC Adapter: So you can charge the battery

The charger is self-contained with a high-capacity 9000mAh external battery so it’ll have enough juice to jump your car in minutes …. and without tangly-wangly jumper cables (or another car). 1byone has made jumping a car a one-car job:

1. Ensure the device has power
2. Carefully connect jumper cables to positive and negative battery terminals
3. Securely plug in the cables
4. Turn on the jump starter
5. Press the button on your activation device
6. From there, you’ll have 30 seconds to start your car
7. Turn your keys to start your car

That’s it. Your car should be fed enough juice to turn over and get you back on the road. I haven’t had to charge my car a thousand times with this unit, but that’s what it’s promising. It’s nice to know that if you are on some permanent roadtrip that you have this handy.

The portable charger also has a flashlight mode. There are two different modes for the flashlight. The first being a standard bright LED that allows you to work on your car and see dark areas and the second option is the built-in S.O.S. feature.

It’s perfect peace of mind if you’re taking a long road trip in case your car sputters out in the middle of the desert or stranded on rural road. If it does, bring out your handy 1byone car jump starter kit and be back on the road in 15 minutes (or less).


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