Review: Portable Turntable/Record Player (Denim) from 1byOne

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Who doesn’t like a little throwback, retro and vintage? I recently received portable turntable with built-in speakers in a denim-colored, briefcase-style case.


The turntable by 1byOne and this is a review of the item.

Though the turntable didn’t cost very much, it’s well-made and one wouldn’t be able to tell that you paid what you did for it (approximately $80). When the system is enclosed in the luggage casing, I’m not concerned that the device will get damaged — the turntable is stable inside and the briefcase’s corners are covered by metal plates, which is both stylish and functional. Here’s a look at the turntable when the case is closed.

Portable Turntable review closed briefcase

I’m not much of an audiophile and can’t tell you when the last time I played a vinyl records, so take this part of the review for what it’s worth. The turntable played the records with no problem and the sound quality definitely did the job sufficiently and satisfactory to my ears, again non-audiophile ears.


Surprisingly, the small, portable unit is full-featured with RCA outputs and headphone jack, line in ports. With all these options, you can play vinyl records through the unit’s speakers, through external speakers, via headphones (not included) and serves as a portable music player for your Android, iPhone or mp3 players (definitely not included).

The only thing that made me a little iffy was the plastic parts of the record player made it seem cheaper — especially in the face of the seemingly higher-quality touches of 1byOne’s turntable.

Overall, I had no problems with the unit and found the turntable to be really easy to use. Given, there’s an on/button, some jacks, outputs and an auto power off switch which stops the player when the record has finished.

The best news is 1byOne’s price point; the portable turntable is lower than many of the competitors that sell the same product (Urban Outfitters, etc.). If you’re in the market for a beginner’s portable turnable, then try 1byOnes.


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