Your phone can help you sleep better, be used as a TV remote, game, and more

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There’s a whole load of unknown technology on your smartphone that could be really helpful.

We are more and more reliant on our smartphones than ever before and whilst some believe that’s a bad thing, there might be another way of looking at it. All kinds of different technologies have come into our lives and if they make life easier, then we, as humans, adopt them. The wheel made it easier to transport things, debit cards made it easier to pay for goods, and now smartphones are making it easier for us to do a whole load of things. These are some of the clever tricks that your smartphone can do that could help you out in your everyday life.

Testing Your Television Remote

Use this lazy tip to check your remote’s batteries

You know the feeling, when you’re curled up under a blanket on the sofa, you’ve been watching Netflix for a while and the judgmental note comes up on your television screen asking you if you’re still watching. You reach for the remote, to tell your television that yes you are indeed still watching, but nothing happens. It seems like your batteries are dead, but maybe they’re in the wrong way, maybe you’ve reached for the wrong remote? It’s hard to say.

The good news is that you can find out without having to move off the couch, as long as you have your smartphone to hand. Take the remote control, point it at the camera on your smartphone, turn on the camera app on your phone and look at the phone screen.

Press any button on your remote and if you see a red light appear on your smartphone screen then you know for sure that your remote control is working. No red light means that you’ve run out of battery. Sure, it’s a lazy hack, but it’s a handy one if you don’t want to get up and rummage for unnecessary batteries.

Saving Money On Your Hobbies

Many of us use our mobile phones for gaming, but few of us really take note of how our smartphones can help us to save money on the very same hobby. Depending on the type of game that you enjoy the most, there’ll be different ways to make your play money stretch further.

Those who enjoy mobile games that allow you to get ahead, or buy extra content through microtransactions can use the settings menu on your phone to set spending caps. These caps are optional and can be removed at any time, but they provide an easy way to keep track of your spending and prevent any unwanted purchases.

If you enjoy playing at mobile casinos then there’s another way for you to make your play money go further. Sites like this one list the best mobile casinos in your country including in their listings their independently reviewed star rating, so that you don’t waste money playing on poor quality casinos. Not only that, but they also list the deals that they currently have available, which could enable you to double your play money, get some free spins for slot machines, or find a worthwhile loyalty scheme. Have a quick look at your mobile gaming time and work out how your smartphone could help you to get maximum bang for your buck.

Help You To Sleep Better

We all know that for the best night’s sleep we should turn off all screens an hour before bed and commit to reading by candlelight, or something like that anyway. However, for a lot of us, this isn’t practical, or we simply can’t be bothered to buy an alarm clock and so rely on our phones instead.

The downside to this is that the blue light from our phone screens can really interfere with the quality of our sleep. The problem with blue light is that it mimics light from the sun, which makes our bodies think that it’s daytime and, therefore, time to be active. Thankfully most smartphones come with a built-in blue light filter, which you can set to turn on an hour before your bedtime, or you can have on permanently throughout the day.

The Apple iPhone has been credited with many great recent technological advances but one of the simplest has been this blue light filter. Even if you use Android your phone likely has this feature available to you in your settings, but if not, then there are plenty of totally free apps that you can download to filter out that pesky blue light that’s coming between you a restful night’s sleep.


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