Police officer shoots unarmed man in back, tries to frame victim as he lays dying

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In another case of police brutality, a white South Carolina police officer shot an unarmed black man in the back.

The 33-year old police officer Michael Slager fired eight shots at 50-year old Walter Scott as he ran away after being tasered by Slager. The incident was captured on video from a mobile phone that was obtained by The New York Times:

Scott was hit five times before collapsing on the ground. After Scott fell, Officer Slager walked over to Scott’s body then walked back and picked up an item off the ground where he began shooting.

With item in hand, he walked back over to where Scott was lying face down, dying and dropped the item by his body. No details have emerged as to what the item was. Whatever it is, it looks very much as if Slager was trying to manipulate the crime scene.

Of course Slager’s initial account contradicts the video. After seeing the video, Slager’s attorney dropped his client.

David Aylor, who was Slager’s attorney at the time, pointed out that his client had “no disciplinary issues” while he was at the department and wrote in a statement, “Officer Slager believes he followed all the proper procedures and policies of the North Charleston Police Department”. However, later on Tuesday, Aylor said that he was no longer the cop’s legal counsel.

Thankfully, after the video evidence was released, Slager is now being charged for murder. Otherwise it would have been another case of police abuse and racism that went unheard and unseen.

But it’s probably just another coincidence where a white police officer kills a black man, right? We’re post-race, huh? Somehow, I can hear the Facebook comments now: “Well, he shouldn’t have ran.”

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