Footage capture Chicago police hurling racist insults, abuse onto handcuffed Asian-American woman

Here’s another hit to any remaining idealistic view of humanity. Try not to be too effing jaded coming out of it and throw a bunch of shit on the floor like I just did. You paid good money for that shit, don’t break it. You’re only hurting yourself.

Here’s the Cliffnotes: last July, a bunch of Chicago cops raided a massage parlor. They handcuffed and subdued a 5-foot-2, 110lb woman named Jingqian Klyzek, who struggled with the police. Officer Frank Messina hit her in the head multiple times while she knelt on the ground defenseless.

Another officer, Gerald Di Pasquale, then stopped by to demean her with racial abuse and threatened her and her family with death. After all that abuse of power, the goon squad tried covering it all up and instead charged Klyzek with “aggravated battery” (which was dismissed).

All that was an understatement. Watch this a CBS report on the matter and read the transcript after:

Partial transcript of the footage:

“You’re not a fucking American! I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the fuck you came from!”

Klyzek yells at the officer De Pasquale, “I’m a citizen, okay?” to which the officer screams back “No, you’re not. No you’re not a citizen. No, you’re not. No, you’re not.”

(Yes, she is. Since 2005. Yes, Gerald Di Pasquale, despite her looks and accent, she CAN be an American citizen)

Di Pasquale continued: “You’re here on our borrowed time. So mind your f–king business before I shut this whole fuckking place down. And I’ll take this place and then whoever owns it will fucking kill you because they don’t care about you, OK? I’ll take this building. You’ll be dead and your family will be dead” the officer says.

All this is happening while a line of motionless Chicago cops are lined up, watching it all play out. Their body language suggests this isn’t the first time they’ve witnessed this type of Chicago pride. None of them seemed to be alarmed, or thought what was coming out of that fucking animal’s mouth was out of line.

None. Not even a fucking little. I don’t think any of their pinky fingers so much as flinched while Messina slapped that woman in the back of her hand. Not one hair moved as Di Pasquale threaten to deport an American citizen, take control of her business, verbally treating her like less than a human, oh, and threatening to kill her and her family. One of the officers managed a “Hey Jerry, stop talking to her” probably after, “Hey Jerry, did you catch White Sox game last night?”

Did I forget to mention that at some point — sometime after they were done threatening, slapping, yelling, demeaning, and watching another human getting treated like a dog — the goons noticed there was a security camera? The footage also shows the Think Tank attempting to locate the security footage and seize it, but couldn’t.

The footage was being recorded off-site. Thank god — though after this video, I don’t think that god actually exists.

Imagine if the footage was found, and presumably destroyed by the cops. What then? How many times has this officer behaved in a similar manner to other Asians? African Americans? American citizens? And how often has this happened, where not captured by a security camera?

The victim in this case (I’m not even going to say “alleged” even though the case hasn’t been decided) is suing the Chicago police department

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