Ridiculous police brutality on the shoulders of California Interstate 10

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I’m way behind on posting about this and not that it needs the additional outrage (watching the video will do that to any sane person), but it’s my blog and I’ll retro-outrage on the topics I want, when I want. If you haven’t seen this video before, you’ll retro-outrage like you owned this site, too.

Go ahead, get angry.

These type of incidents give police reports written up by authorities a bad name. Like a really bad name. Like having the name Wilbur-bad. The cop, Daniel Andrew, basically says in his report that Marlene Pinnock was endangering herself by walking in traffic, and drivers called in reports of a woman “who appeared drunk or high”.

Andrew contends that he was trying to protect the woman from herself, but she responded in a “combative” way and resisted arrest when he grabbed her. The incident report from the CHP stated that there were no injuries. Uh huh.

I don’t need to waste any text on arguing those points, it’s clear from the video that’s not what happened.

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