Yes, Steph Curry is the best shooter in all of NBA history

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This story is about a week old now, but it’s worth posting. Steph Curry reportedly hit 77 consecutive three-point shots during a practice last week.

Seventy-seven. Threes. Without a miss. Let that sink in. I know it’s just practice and the NBA has had some great shooters, but even Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, Dennis Scott and Glen Rice are probably in awe of such news — shootaround or not.

The following video shows 9 of those makes during the stretch, and the missed three on his 78th attempt. He would go on to hit 94 out of 100 threes.

There isn’t a full video, but if you’ve ever seen Steph Curry shoot threes during a game, of which he shoots over 44%, we know he must shoot threes better without a defender draped all over him. Stil, hitting 77 threes without a miss is unfathomable. Impossible in my mind.

It’s hard enough to hit 30 free throws in a row, much less stepping back another 8 feet and hitting another 50 on top of that.

Over the last year, I’ve posted a lot about Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul and their talents in a league of uberly-talented elite players – even making one another look bad. In past posts, I tried my best to articulate their spectacular skillsets with superlatives, but writing can’t begin to quantify something as intangible as Irving’s handles or Curry’s shooting under duress.

Now we have a baseline, at least for Curry’s shooting prowess, I can reference 77 in a row and 94 out of 100 threes. Anyone that’s heaved up an NBA three can quickly understand how amazing that actually is.

Steph Curry five three pointers simultaneously

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