15 awesome images from ‘Attack on Titan’ movie trailer (screen captures)

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Oh man, the live action Attack on Titan movie looks many types of awesome.

Attack of Titan is based on a manga comic book from 2009 about flesh-eating titans from Bodies: Exhibition. Humanity has managed to erect enormous walls around their cities to defend against the giant zombies and they worked for many years, until one day, the titans decide they want to attack.


It’s been less than two hours since running across the trailer online and I am already obsessed with the movie in an unhealthy way: searching for news, liking Facebook pages, reading YouTube comments, buying products on Amazon, and screen capturing no less than fifteen images of the titans from the trailer to share on this post.

Attack on Titan trailer screenshot

Titan breaks through the human-made wall, looking down on humans before attacking, setting off the story
Attack on Titan monster head above wall

Titan above the destroyed wall
Attack on Titan monster above wall


Titans approach city
Attack on Titan giants attack

Titans within the walls
Attack on Titan giants attack in the dark

Titan’s head silhouette appears, humans scramble
Attack on Titan giant looks down on humans

A titan’s giant hand plucks a human from the crowd
Attack on Titan giant hand grabs human

Giant pulls flailing human up to eat
Attack on Titan eating human


Attack on Titan giants ravage village

From the human’s perspective, looking out her window and seeing one of the flesh-eating giants
Attack on Titan peeping a giant through a window

A human with baby in tow comes face to face with hungry giant
Attack on Titan giant titan looks down holy shit

Attack on Titan giants goes after human attackers

Silhouette of titan in the smoke during battle
Attack on Titan giant rises above the smoke

Attack on Titan giant humans attack

Attack on Titan humans on rooftop

GAWD. How excited are you/me/us? Now that you’ve seen the images/screen captures from the trailer — here’s the actual video for your moving image enjoyment:

The two-part Attack on Titan will open on August 1 in Japan, with the second film, Attack on Titan : End of the World coming out the following month on September 19. Funimation obtained the North American rights to the film and plans to release the film in U.S. theaters this Fall.

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