Camera inside Chinese tourist bus captures footage of what happens during an accident

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed today, I came across the following shocking video posted by Shanghaiist of a the Chinese bus getting hit by another vehicle back in 2013. And the cameras inside the bus captures the impact of the oncoming truck. WARNING: The footage is disturbing:

When I first watched the video, from inside it almost looks like the bus tumbles off a cliff. Luckily (?) it just tumbled over a couple times. Somehow, only one person died in this accident –the driver of the truck reportedly died instantly.

In all, ten passengers were tossed out of the bus including the driver (who you see in the video thrown out of the window). Everyone on the bus survived though 23 were injured.

Three closed caption cameras inside the bus filmed the accident that occurred in the town of Wenzhou in the Zhejiang Province.

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