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It’s been a year since I moved into the East Village and in those 12 or so months, I’ve come across some really great restaurants.  That said, it’s no problem finding a pretty good place when you’re spending the $12-15+ for an entree — New York City is a great food town when you can afford to dole out $20-25 for your part of the meal. With a $20 bill in your hand, you could throw a rock and that rock will land on a restaurant with four stars or more on Yelp .

Señor Pollo

The true challenge is finding a quality on the inexpensive side, a place you walk out of a restaurant for less than $20 for two people. Every so often, you come across one of these really fantastic places — one where the food is extremely flavorful, the portions are heavy, and the price is light.

Senor Pollo on 1st Avenue is one of these diamonds in the rough.

How do I know? I’ve been to Senor Pollo twice this week already and anytime I think about food, my mind immediately goes to Senor Pollo.  And this is from a guy that doesn’t considers Latin-American cuisine as one of his first several options. Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong restaurants?

Señor Pollo serves Peruvian cuisine — in the form of generous portions of roasted chicken, beans and rice, yuca fries, and papa rellenas. All of which have had the pleasure of tasting with their in-house green sauce.

Each dish had its own distinct flavor. As I jumped between each part of the meal, the parts stood out on their own but came togethe; the sum of each factoring into the entire experience.

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