CAVA is the Mediterranean Chipotle, here’s why (and promo code for $3)

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From Chipotle to sweetgreen to Shake Shake, it feels like fast casual restaurants are all over the place. These new modern fast food joints fill a much-needed niche for office workers that are looking for quality food that’s not only affordable and healthy, but doesn’t require waiting in line during their hour break.

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With fast-casual restaurants covering Mexican, Italian, pizza, salads and soups, Indian, American, hamburgers and more, there’s seems to be a that cover all lunch preferences. The next big player you’ll start seeing pop up around the country? Well, there’s actually several, but an early lead over Hummus & Pita Co., CAVA is cornering the Mediterranean market.

Like the others, CAVA uses an assembly line that was popularized by Chipotle that streamlines the process of creating their bowls with a focus on fresh Mediterranean ingredients, flavors, and spices. And like the others, CAVA leverages their mobile app and QR code (that’s connected to a credit card) that makes checking out quick and painless.

Previously known as CAVA mezze, the company started in 2011 in Washington D.C. in the Bethesda Row neighborhood. With their popular Mezze plates, salads and grain bowls that are flavorful, healthy as well as the ability to personalize, CAVA, the casual med grill quickly became of the best restaurants in the city.

Since then, the company has expanded tremendously; helping to push healthy Mediterranean food to the masses with 35 locations across eight states and another 25+ storefronts set to open in the next 12 months.

To get $3 off at Cava Grill, you can download their app via this link.

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