Love/Hate: Jeremy Lin will play alongside Kobe Bryant

Jeremy Lin was going to be traded this off-season. It’s been clear that the Houston Rockets were trying to deal the guard, along with center Omer Asik, to go after some big name free agent names. Some of the ways the Rockets went about letting teams know that Lin was on the market were questionable at best, but that’s for another post.

I didn’t give a much thought to where Lin would end up, I knew that I would continue following the first Asian-American NBA player wherever he ended up. No matter what. If he came back to the Knicks, AWESOME! The Sixers? Ok. Stays with Houston. Alright, whatever.

I didn’t think where Lin ultimately would end up would alter my passion for following him in any significant way, shape or form. That’s until I received a text message from a friend yesterday informing that Lin was headed to the Los Angeles Lakers. The move meant that Jeremy would play alongside Kobe Bryant- the player I despise the most. There’s no one player in the history of the NBA that I have disliked more and consistently throughout their career.

And now my current favorite player will be paired with the most-hated. Not sure how I’ll reconcile my feelings on this. I’m certain I’ll be watching more Lakers games, but the idea of watching Lin on the court with Kobe doesn’t sound pleasurable whatsoever. I guess we’ll have to see whether it’s going to be love/hate or Yin and Yang.

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