My mom isn’t surprised that the Cavs beat the Warriors (again)

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In the late 1980’s, my sister and I took an interest in basketball. With NBA on the television all the time, my mom also became a hoops fan (in addition to loving Knots Landing).

Nearly three decades later, my mom watches more NBA than I do. Though she’s never picked up a ball, she’s become so well-versed in basketball that she’s more than just a casual fan.

So after the undermanned Cavalier’s win last night, I texted my mom my surprise that the bare bones Cleveland beat the high-octane Golden State Warriors in consecutive games.

Here’s what my mom had to say.

mom is a witness

She has a point. LeBron James has scored 123 points through three NBA Final games — the most points in NBA history and he’s done a lot of everything for the supposedly over-matched Cavs.

We are all #Witnesses, including my mom, apparently.

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