Jeremy Lin plays well vs. Memphis Grizzlies, still gets yelled at by Kobe Bryant

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Jeremy Lin had himself a game against one of the Western Conference’s best teams, the Memphis Grizzlies, but unfortunately the Lakers came up a little short 109-106.

Mr. Kobe Bryant, who yelled at Lin for not fouling Mike Conley with 20 seconds left in the game and the Lakers down two, missed a three at the buzzer that could have tied it. It didn’t matter to Kobe that Byron Scott told Lin not to foul until about the 10 second mark, Kobe couldn’t seem wrong in front of the cameras and apologize to Lin.

Anyways, Kobe is stupid. The important thing here is Lin had 20 points, 5 assists, 3 steals and 3 rebounds in the game.

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