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Google will remind you when new episodes of your favorite show is on

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I’m not sure how long this feature has been available, but when I recently searched on a couple of TV shows (“Project Runway” and “Top Chef“) to find out when their next season would start I noticed that within the Google results that they offered to remind the user of when new episodes were coming up via a Google Now Card.

Remind me of new episode feature answer box

Some people may find that creepy and invasive, but I think it’s an extremely useful feature. And it pushes users to Google Now.

Google figured that when users were searching show titles between (or during) seasons, many were looking for information when the next season would begin or next episode would air.

Not only does Google provide that info, but Google is one step ahead, offering to remind you when those new episodes were coming up using their predictive, mobile assistant Google Now.

When Does This Reminder Feature Show Up?

In order to trigger this feature, that specific television show has to have an answer box. Specifically for TV shows, the common denominator in my quick research was that the show must have an IMDB profile.

Answer box new episode reminder

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