Fuck Chinatown? Why don’t we know the San Francisco racist tour guide’s name yet?

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It’s been more than two weeks and I still haven’t forgotten that idiot San Francisco tour guide that spewed out hateful comments during the Chinatown portion of her bus tour. 

In her rant, she goes off on cultural aspects of the Chinese neighborhood:

“Fuck your pre-schools … making all that noise at 6 a.m. … Fuck your salons … fuck your seafood markets, with your little turtles and frogs inside — OK? Here in America, we don’t eat turtles and frogs”

“Fuck your little seafood fucking markets with your turtles and your fucking frogs… when you come to America you’ve got to assimilate a little bit. And here in America we don’t eat turtles and frogs… ok, but they got to bring that here to America. There’s a limit. Fuck your laundry hanging out the windows, fuck your three or four people living inside your tiny SROs. Fuck your parades, fuck your dragons, fuck Chinatown. Fuck ’em.”

“Fuck Chinatown. Fuck your little herb gardens. Fuck your little seafood f**king markets and your turtles and your frogs. Fuck your fucking ginseng. Fuck your little hair salons where no one in there knows how to speak English!”

Reportedly, she went on this 3-minutes rant on her last day on the job. Let’s not forget this happened in San Francisco, where more than 30% of the population is Asian.

Afterwards, she realized the shitstorm she created for herself and how it can impact her future, so she contacted San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu and a local news station trying to spin her rant as a joke: “I intended to do it as a satirical comedic portion of the tour” she said.

Right. Anyone that watches the video knows that her diatribe wasn’t just some light-hearted stand-up routine- it’s clear that she harbors anger against Chinatown, Chinese people, and specifically Chinese people that can’t speak perfect fucking Queen’s English like she does.

Not to mention that throughout the 2 1/2 minute video, she refers to the Chinatown denizens as “these people” multiple times to further draw distance and create more of an “us vs. them”, but that’s totally cool, because it’s satire!

If it’s true that that it was her last day on the job, then that tells me that she knew that what she was saying could potentially get in trouble for. Nice try.

I’ve held off on writing about this incident because I wanted to wait until she was identified. I generally don’t use my SEO for negative purposes, but sometimes I think people are so ignorant, so unabashedly unaware that they need a reality check.

As of this post, it’s been two weeks – so why don’t we know this SF tour guide’s name? She’s from Los Angeles, lived in Chinatown at some point, and worked for City Sightseeing San Francisco. Here’s one last look at her. Get to work, Internet!

Whats the SF Tour Guide Name

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