CAPTCHAs are a great source for big pharma drug naming!

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Are you a big pharma company or biotech looking to name their next multibillion dollar drug? Just leverage CAPTCHAs and you could save tens of thousands of dollars branding your anti-viral inhibiting antibiotic receptor.

Itchy blood pressure?  Ask your doctor to see if you qualify for Ceskil®

Captchas for naming Drugs

Do you have sore, achey lips and upset eyes? Take an Imentro®!

Irritable knees? Take a couple Subanges® and Psforpo® drug cocktail until your symptoms clear up. Warning, side effects may include cotton mouth, irritable elbows, FOMO, slick hair, bullying and decreased protabination.

CAPTCHAs can be so annoying, but they protect websites from spam, they’re used to digitize books, and now they can help Genetech and Johnson & Johnson name their next big drug!

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