Did you get a call from phone number (484) 320-3217 about unclaimed movie tickets?

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Did you recently receive a call from an “Avery” at phone number 484-320-3217 who alerted you had free movie tickets that were expiring soon?

I did, too. Avery went on about how the movie tickets were expiring soon and she was calling to tell me I had a choice to receive a gift card in their place. I was understandably apprehensive and asked her a few probing questions.

Avery told me that the only thing I had to decide was to choose one or the other, at which point I told her I don’t have to decide anything. She continued her script of unclaimed movie tickets when I asked her if she knew my name.

That threw her off. After a pause, she said no only saying that the only contact info she had was my phone number from the online survey. I told her I wasn’t interested in picking up any movie tickets and hung up.

After the call, I searched on the phone number and came across this site with several others that experienced the same scammy phone call:

Sounds like a scam. Told me I received a gift card, and then asked for a credit card. When I refsed and asked questions, they hugn (sic) up on me. Watch out.

Wanted to give me gift cards for suposed movie tickets that i had forgotted to claim. Ask me to confirm my name and address so i figured no harm until they asked for my birth date. I ask them to tell me my birthdate. they hung up!!

Definitely a Scam. Free movie tickets or 3 $25 gift cards.

Informed me I had won movie tickets but only 4 days before they expired.Or I could receive 3 $25 gift cards. Only needed to know where to send them and my credit card info to cover $1.90 shipping charges.I refused to provide credit card info and that was the end. I suspected something wrong before we discussed the credit card info.

Three free $25 gift cards in place of movie tickets that I had won for reviewing something…..not likely. I didn’t play along so they hung up on me.

Normally, I ignore phone calls from unknown numbers, but every so often, I pick them up.

This particular scam are truly preying on the first layer. It makes no sense that a company would have my phone number but not my first name since giving out the latter is more personal than the former. This is especially if I had filled out a “online survey”, I would have found it odd that the only contact info that they asked for was my phone number (and not first name or email). That’s the most basic information they *should* have.

Do better, scammers! (or get a new phone number)

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