Give me Ngau Lam, then give me death

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There’s nothing like soft, chewy connective tissue and stomach lining. Really, there isn’t. Chinese beef tendon stew is a unique taste experience.

A very strong, fatty contender for my last meal before my execution would be a big, honking mixer bowl of Chinese beef tendon stew (Ngua Lam).

I would choose this tendon and tripe dish in part because it’s so damn tasty, but also because my arteries would clog up like Atlanta traffic after an inch of snowfall so much that my body would shut down long before I walked the green mile.

Win win. Death by Ngau Lam.

The particular version of beef tendon stew that I salivate over the most contains beef tendon, honeycomb tripe, daikon and carrots. Sometimes it include actual beef, sometime it doesn’t. You’ll find versions of the dish at some Chinese restaurants, and sometimes served at dim sum joints.

Mmmmm… joints.

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