Here’s some proven tips that’ll help you pick high-quality CBD massage oil

One of the main concessions of the past couple of years is that CBD is not going anywhere. Even before its legalization in 2018, its use was skyrocketing. The main propeller for this increased use is the assumption that cannabidiol has health-promoting properties. The result has been producing a range of commodities from edibles to tinctures, and now we have creams and oils.

The intersection between CBD and the beauty industry is one that we all saw coming. The outcome has been the release of certain lines, such as CBD body massage oil, eye creams, and more. Should we all join in on this infused oil hype?

What is CBD Massage Oil?

Before you can even think of trying the benefits of CBD massage oil, one of the lingering questions will be what exactly it is. To answer this common question, you need to be aware that the oil is the product of the hemp plant. Hemp growing is now legal in the United States following the 2018 Farm Bill.

The process of getting the infused products starts with the hemp flower or bud. The bud gets decarboxylated and then placed in fats, which gets heated to come up with the CBD massage oil of varying potencies. You should note that this is the basic process. There are other processes where CBD gets extracted through CO2 or solvent and combined with fats.

The chances of getting high from using these CBD-infused products are low. The potency of THC in the hemp flower rarely ever exceeds 0.3%. In instances where it does, the extraction process ensures that the end product is well within the legal limits. With such levels of THC, the psychotropic effects will not get felt with massage oils or even CBD-infused edibles.

Due to the popularity of infused products, there has been a rise in companies selling the same. As a result, there are several confusing labels in the market. In 2017 a study in the Journal of American Medical Association found that 70% of 84 CBD-infused products did not contain the ingredients on their labels. In addition, these products claim to do and have false properties.

Knowing your hemp terminology is one of the significant ways to escape the risks and problems of mislabeling. When some users see the word hemp on the label, they assume it is automatically CBD infused. While this is true for some commodities, it does not work for all.

For instance, there are hemp seed oil products, cannabis Sativa products, and CBD oil products. Hemp oil is the same as the CBD one, but hemp seed oil is different. The latter refers to oil obtained from hemp seeds. This oil is not as strong as that from hemp flowers.

You want to use the hemp flower variety for your CBD massage oil effects. Cannabis Sativa compounds are full-spectrum products and may contain THC levels higher than 0.3%. They may not get you high, too, due to the application on the skin.

How to Pick Quality Infused Massage Oil

You should target high-quality products with anything you use on your body. Low-quality commodities may result in side effects of CBD oil massage, which you want to avoid. Due to the hundreds of types on the market, knowing which ones are high quality can be challenging. Here are some tips you can use to decipher their quality.

Certificate of Analysis

Reputable companies make it their priority to provide users with a certificate of analysis. This document lists all the ingredients in their products and in which percentages. If they have any THC, they will clearly state how much. Analyzing the COA is one of the ways that you can determine whether a product suits you or not. Make sure to review each of the cannabinoids with extra scrutiny.

Third-Party Testing

One of the ways that companies enhance their credibility is by making the results of third-party testing accessible to their users. These lab tests are extensive, and the professionals from the other labs weigh in on the effectiveness of the products. In addition to reviewing the COA, it is also helpful to check their third-party lab tests. This way, you have two documents to compare.

Potency Levels

Though high potency does not automatically denote high quality, it does help. The higher the potency of the oil, the more likely it is to be effective. People choose to go through deep tissue procedures because they want to feel relaxed. High levels of CBD will get you more relaxed faster compared to lower potency ones. It is always advisable to go high, especially since there is zero chance you will get high.

Hemp Source

The source of the hemp used in making your oil determines the quality of the end product. What you want to go for is organically-grown hemp. Organic hemp uses natural methods of pest and disease control. The use of harmful chemicals is thus minimal. You will not end up ingesting pesticides and chemicals that may harm your skin. Avoid any product that does not state their hemp is organically grown.

Natural Ingredients and Additives

In addition to the main ingredient, CBD oils include other additives in their final products. Each of these additives adds to the relaxing properties of cannabidiol. Regardless of the same, it is essential to note that some people may be allergic to certain additives. Before buying an infused product for your deep tissue session, try and look through the ingredients to be on the safer side.

Effects of Using CBD Massage Oil

Word on the street is that CBD oil is helpful for a range of issues. From the top of most searches, you will see that CBD massage oil for pain relief is among the main ones. Do massages with infused oils have safe effects on the body?

The short answer to that question is yes. CBD oils contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are pretty compelling. Besides pain relief, CBD massage oil for anxiety is also entirely plausible.

Those who have a deep tissue session know that the end goal is relaxation and stress relief. This aspect is possible through the reduction of muscle and joint tension. As the masseuse works through your body, they ensure that any tension build-up gets done away with altogether.

CBD oils help with this relaxation process as they also contain properties that induce the same. Anti-inflammatory properties ease the body of pain in the joints and muscles. Also, they have a soothing effect that helps you release any stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.

Another significant effect is the mode of application. As the oil gets applied to your skin, you will feel more hydrated and smoother at the end of the session. Besides reducing redness and inflammation, CBD oils ensure that your overall skin gets moisturized. With frequent use, your skin adopts a silky and smooth texture.

Other Ingredients in Infused Oils

Most of the beauty products on the market contain more than one ingredient. The main reason for this is to enhance the entourage effect. A single component can only do so much. When used in combination with others, they enhance each other resulting in heightened positive benefits. Following this effect, most CBD oils contain more than one natural ingredient. The following are some of the significant oils and additives in infused products.


This ingredient is a naturally occurring terpene. Its main properties include: antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. All these contribute to easing a person’s stress and pain.

Tumeric Root Oil

Tumeric root is a commodity that is famous in alternative medicine circles. Not only does it reduce pain, but it also has anti-fungal properties. When used with CBD in massage oil, it increases the procedure’s effectiveness.

Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is primarily a skin-protecting ingredient. It acts as a natural skin toning reagent, promoting an even glow in the user. Also, it helps the skin heal from wounds faster.

Juniper Oil

With this ingredient, the main goal is usually to help with muscle pains. It also targets fatigue and skin flare-ups and can be effective for people who have arthritis.

Vanilyll Butyl

Vanilyll Butyl is an ingredient that warms up the skin and muscles so that CBD can penetrate your joints and muscles easily. It is effective in pain and stress relief.


Though some people like the psychotropic high of using weed, some do not. With the popularity of CBD massage oil, the latter would be interested in knowing whether a deep tissue procedure can result in them getting high. Infused products contain less than 0.3% THC, which cannot get anyone high. This potency means they can enjoy the beneficial properties of high-quality CBD oils without suffering the unwanted high.




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How to measure personal growth, self-improvement without sabotaging your confidence

Working on self-improvement and bettering your lifestyle is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. However, without taking into account your needs and limits, it can turn into a long and difficult battle against yourself. To avoid increasing your risk of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress, it’s important to break down and fully understand your self-improvement journey.

Understanding self-Improvement without creating an obsession

Taking on a self-improvement project simply to be a better version of yourself is all the reasoning you may need to fully commit to the experience. However, it’s crucial to develop a personal growth plan with realistic goals and measurements to truly bloom into a better person. Ask yourself why you’ve decided to do this, how you’d like to benefit from the experience, and what opportunities you’d like to take advantage of as you progress.

Obsessing over your self-image and rushing through programs won’t transform you into a happier, healthier, brighter person. Instead, it can have the opposite effect; if you’ve set expectations too high, it can be a hard hit to your mentality and motivation. Pacing yourself and developing a checks and balances system that prioritizes your health is crucial for successfully measuring and seeing advancements in personal growth.

Set Reasonable Goals and Expectations

While you don’t need to break down your goals into minute-by-minute bite-sized pieces, breaking up your overall objectives can make success feel more obtainable. Start by acknowledging what you want out of this strategy; why do you want to accomplish this particular end goal? What kind of changes are you hoping to see? Outlining these answers can provide you with motivation throughout the process, giving you concrete reasons to work toward.

These questions can also help you think of alternative routes to get to the end goal. By coming up with secondary plans, you’re less likely to be hard on yourself for missed opportunities or taking breaks. For example, if you want to lose a certain amount of weight, don’t just focus on hitting the gym for X amount of days a week. Instead, also consider what you’re eating, how you can edit your schedule if you happen to miss a day, and what home workouts you can do instead.

Define Boundaries While Testing Limits

Acknowledge that you’re going to make mistakes and need to take breaks. The path to your objective shouldn’t be set in stone – too many factors can arise to throw off your plans and hard work. Instead, take time to acknowledge the possibility of a delay in your plans or the need to adjust your end result. While pushing your limits doesn’t always result in a negative outcome, pushing too far, too hard, too quickly can lead to physical and mental damage that will set you back even further.

Prioritize Your Health

Not only do you need to take your physical health into account, but it’s also important to consider the mental health toll of personal growth. Forming new habits and working towards ambitious goals can cause you to test your limits. It’s crucial to pay attention to your body’s response and use an encouraging inner voice.

With mental health resources like BetterHelp, you can talk with an experienced professional about your personal growth plan and how you can take into account your mental well-being. With their support, you’ll have the tools necessary to notice and change your attitude towards a situation that may increase your anxiety and stress.

Develop a Strong Support Group

Find close friends, family members, and mentors to help you not only stay on track but stay positive as well. Discuss your plans and desired outcome and take into account their feedback and suggestions. If a trusted teacher or friend remarks on the timeline or intensity of your program, consider discussing alternatives or adjustments that would be more realistic for you.

A quality support group will not only be there to support you but will also point out when you’re looking worse for wear. As you work on yourself, it can be difficult to gauge your gradual deterioration in energy, motivation, or comfort. Your support group is there to notice these changes and provide just as much encouragement of a break or change in your plans. While measuring personal growth can be what you need to finally cross the finish line, it doesn’t need to be an anxiety-inducing process.

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