Google launches “routines” which is basically Google Home multitasking

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Home assistants are getting smarter slowly and surely. In a next step for smart homes, Google recently launched the ability for Google Home to do multiple tasks based on a specific phrase. As you know, Google Home could tell you the weather or turn off your lights if you ask for it. Prior to this update, if you wanted Google Home to tell you the weather and turn off the lights, you’d likely have to ask it twice. Now you can designate a specific phrase that will be associate up to eight commands. Here’s the six Routines you’ll fine in Google Home by default:

  • Good morning
  • Bedtime
  • Leaving home
  • I’m Home
  • Commuting to work
  • Commuting home

And you can control which tasks will be done when you say one of the above — you can even customize your trigger phrase by going into each of the Routines. For more about Routines and how to set up Routines, click here.

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