Cava Grill continues aggressive expansion in New York City, nationwide

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Cava Grill was founded in Washington D.C. seven years ago and has started to expand their reach in New York City with two new locations set to open in Midtown. The two new Cavas are planned for Bryant Park (11 West 42nd St.) and another at 1385 Broadway near 38th St.

The two new New York City locations are set to open sometime during the summer of 2018.

With these two new locations joining storefronts in Flatiron, Nolita, and Union Square. The two new Cava Grills will total five city locations that have opened in the last two years with plans for more expansion not just in New York City, but with existing or upcoming locations in Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA, Richmond, VA, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, as well as the tri-state area. Altogether, Cava has over 35 locations with approximately 20 locations that are coming soon!

After being invited by a friend with $3 credit, I recently used that opportunity and three bucks to try out the Union Square location a couple times and I loved the dipping sauces, the black lentils, the meatballs, unlimited toppings, and the portions were so large, I was able to share one grain bowl with my partner as two light meals.

Having tried other Mediterranean fast casual concepts like Maoz and Hummus & Pita Co., we’re putting our money on Cava. Though both are tasty, Cava puts together a better product, has better flavors, and a clean and friendly environment. Not to mention $30 million of funding that childhood friends and co-founders Dimitri Moshovitis, Ike Grigoropoulos, and Ted Xenohristos can use to expand.

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