When does Zara’s Winter/Christmas sale start for 2017-18?

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Over the last few years, Zara has made the jump from another fast casual player in the United States to a full-time big-time player in the fashion world globally. And with that, they garnered a critical mass of new fans looking for the new trends at an affordable price.


What’s more is those Zara fanatics are also looking for even better deals. Specifically, they’re very aware of Zara’s bi-annual blowout bonanza sale where by the end of the sale, items are mark downed as much as 80-85% off the original price. So when’s the next Zara sale happening? Since we’re in November, the next blowout is the Winter sale. The fantastic news is that Zara holds their sales around the same time every year, give or take a week.

When is Zara’s Winter Sale for 2017-18?

Let’s get down to the brass tax (whatever that means), what are the dates of Zara’s Winter sale?  Hold your horses! Ok, let those horses run wild because if the prior winter sales are a hint of what’s to come then we have approximately a month or so before those wild horses run wild on the sale rack. Here’s what you can expect for this year’s Fall/Winter Zara sale based on prior markdowns:

Zara's Winter Sale Dates
Year Promotion Sale Date
2018 Winter Sale Dec 26
2017 Winter Sale Dec 26
2016 Winter Sale Dec 26
2015 Winter Sale Dec 26
2014 Winter Sale Dec 27
2013 Winter Sale Dec 20

We’re pegging this year’s Winter sale to be the day after Christmas, the same as it’s been the last couple years. We’re putting big bets on December 26th because, well, the date can’t be as arbitrary as their Spring/Summer Sale. Consumers are still in the spirit. Shoppers have received some cash from friends and families and want to go online shopping with their new phones and tablets.

We just got through Zara’s 2017 Black Friday sale that ended today at midnight. If you missed that 30% markdown, the he good news is that you don’t have much longer to wait. You have about a month or so, so find another sale (it’s not that easy, I know) to get your mind off the four weeks you have to be patient. Before you know it, it’ll be December 26 (or 27th) and you can run to the nearest Zara to get in on the first sale items. Happy hunting.

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