What happened to Bourbon Coffee on 14th Street? When did it close?

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I am not sure what happened, but sometime between mid February and early March, Bourbon Coffee + Crust closed. The last time I was in the cafe was in mid-February and intended to do some work there when I walked up to this:

Bourbon Coffee New York

And I mean Bourbon Coffee closed. Like CLOSED. We’re talking the place is completely empty; no turned over chairs inside, signage taken down, the floor is spotless, and any remnants that a bustling cafe was once existed there has been stripped. All within less than a month. Bourbon Coffee clearly wanted their security deposit back.

Jokes aside, it’s unfortunate. The cafe/pizzeria on 14th street near Sixth Ave. supplied a nice environment, consistent wireless and plenty of power outlets, so it was one of the handful of spots I rotated for work.

I’ve spent dozens of hours at Bourbon nursing a latte, eating one of their surprisingly tasty thin crust pizzas (and bring leftovers home) and salads. The place wasn’t the greatest cafe in the city so it wasn’t packed, but it always had a buzz of customers in there.

What Happened to Bourbon Coffee?

I searched for information online to see what happened to the franchise (it also has locations in Washington D.C. and Cambridge, MA.) and couldn’t find anything.

Their website is still up but with no news about the New York location’s demise. Then I found something weird on their Twitter account: their last tweets were from February 24th about unveiling new sandwiches and a menu board at the since-closed NYC location:

Bourbon Coffee new sandwiches Feb

So they were putting out new sandwiches and a menu board as late as February 24th. I checked Yelp and the last review was on February 25th.

So in less than 9 days, the store goes from adding items to their menu to a completely gutting the store? Sounds like more than your normal going out of business or rent hike.

R.I.P. Bourbon Coffee NYC If anyone has any info on what happened to Bourbon Coffee, please leave a note in the comments.

[update] I tweeted at Bourbon Coffee’s Twitter handle and they confirmed that the NYC location has closed.

Bourbon Coffee closed New York

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