Now you can upgrade your room via HotelTonight’s app!

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Now you can upgrade your room that you book on HotelTonight.


Upgrade yourself and upgrade your room from within the HotelTonight app. Prior to this update, users we’re only able to book a hotel room, but didn’t have options for the type of room. Now, the HotelTonight app allows you to select a specific room when the hotel has the option (such as if a hotel has offers both a ‘double room’ and a ‘suite’). Here’s what HotelTonight’s email announcement had to say about the details:

You asked for it, you got it! Now, when you book on HT you can opt to upgrade your room type. Right in the app. For sweet discounted rates. Without having to talk to anyone.

They even paraphrase Queen Bey (Beyonce) by saying “let u upgrade u.” That’s cute. Here’s how you can find specific options for rooms with the choice to upgrade:

You’ll see the option to ‘Upgrade your stay’ (with details about the upgrade type) before completing your booking. To quickly see which hotels have room upgrades available, try typing a city name + the word ‘upgrade’ (ex. ‘san diego upgrade’) in the search bar. You’ll also see whether upgrades are available noted on the hotel

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: Get $25 USD off their first upgraded room with this promo code. If you apply the SLEUNG12 code, you’ll get $25 USD off your next booking (as long as the booking meets a few terms).

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