Here’s the Schnippers promo code for $2 off your hamburger and fries

New Yorkers, are you looking for an affordable American food option to add into your lunch rotation or just craving a burger and fries or onion rings with mac n cheese? Then Schnippers may be what you’re looking for. 


The other day I was craving mac and cheese (To be honest, I’m always craving mac and cheese) and came across Schnippers. I went in and was excited to find the variety of options they offered. I followed my stomach’s marching orders and went with their Mac and Joe, a combination of two of my most favoritest things in the world: mac n cheese and Sloppy Joe. Here’s a pic of this matchup made in heaven (via Yelp):

Unsurprisingly, it worked. It was a a really good dish! To top it off, Schnippers also serves beer and wine, so of course I had a classy casual lunch of chardonnay and mac n cheese. Spoiler: I left a happy camper even though I think that $10 is a bit much for the portion of Mac N Joe I received.

If you need a break from Chipotle or Shake Shack, Schnippers is another great lunch/dinner spot to mix into your eating schedule. The casual restaurant has a huge menu of American classics to choose from. It might not be the healthiest option for lunch, but it’s definitely a great contender on a cheat day or if you just need a good old fashioned hot dog.


Schnippers Promo Code, 20% Off and Rewards Program

Schnippers also offers referral bonuses for you and your friends. When you invite a friend to download the Schnipper app, both you and your friend will get a promo code for $2 off your next purchase when they buy through the app.

Join their rewards program for the first time and receive $2 off your first meal there. Download the Schnippers app on Android and iOS. The Schnippers app is powered by LevelUp, which is an awesome scan-to-pay system that allows you to pay through the app, so that you don’t have to fumble around with cards or cash.

And you can earn rewards for eating at Schnippers. When you visit Schnippers 10 times (spending at least $8 per purchase), you’ll receive $8 credit towards your next meal.

Browsing around their website, we found a discount code for some good savings. For a limited time, first time customers can get 20% off when they place an online order, just go to their website, select your Schnippers location, pick out your order and enter code 20off at checkout (still works as of August 2017).

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