Yes, those were gun shots you heard in the East Village last night

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Around 11:30 PM last night, several Alphabet City / East Village residents reported hearing 8-10 loud pops of unmistakable gunfire. EVGrieve reported that the shots happened on Avenue C between East 11th and 12th street on the east side of the street in the C-Town shopping plaza.

On the west side of the street is a bus stop for the M14D and M9 busses.

According to Christopher J. Ryan, who shared the below photos, the shots came from the east side of Avenue C outside Avenue C Pharmacy, with bullets hitting a building across the Avenue as well as the bus shelter.

On Instagram, ChrisRyanAction posted security camera footage of the shots coming from the east side of the street.

Never a dull moment. Here’s a shooting last night outside my house. ( white flashes above the white car )

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In the grainy footage, you can see several flashes of light as the gun fires several shots from behind the white SUV across the street. Based on the footage, we count way more than the 8-10 shots that were reported, but there was actually 13-14 flashes of light.

Apparently, a 29-year old male bike rider was hit twice by the gunfire. Once in the body and another hitting his arm. Thout hit and bleeding, the cyclist successfully pedaled off and eventually took himself all the way up to Bellevue Hospital on 1st Avenue and 25th street. The victim is in serious condition but is stable.

When police got to the scene they cordoned off and closed Avenue C, also know as Loisaida, between East 1tth street and East 12th.

DNAinfo reports that: “The shooter wore a black hoodie, according to a police source. A black hoodie and a black ski mask were recovered near the site of the shooting, the source said.”

Many that heard the “pop pop pop” last night knew instantly that it was unmistakably gunshots, not fireworks or a car backfiring. It’s unclear as of the motive behind the shooting.

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