3 reasons why the Wisconsin Badgers are an elite college basketball team

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The Wisconsin Badgers is arguably the toughest college basketball teams in the tournament.

Though they may not be undefeated like Kentucky, I would argue that the Badgers may be a tougher team to beat. Their record isn’t perfect, but I would argue that Wisconsin is a more balanced team on both sides of the floor.

A truly elite team on both defense and offense can be attributed to their stubborn style of play and how the team executes on it . At the risk of simplifying Wisconsin’s approach, I think the team does three things flawlessly and that makes them one of the toughest teams to reckon with in the country.

1) Ball Movement: This first point encompasses not just simple ball movement, but their patience and passing skills. From their guards to their big men, Wisconsin’s foundation is predicated on patience, player movement and smart passing.

2) Three Point Shooting: Due to Wisconsin’s excellent ball movement, it allows for the Badger’s three point shooters to get great looks. And they’re usually hitting at a high clip. When they’ve hit a few threes, that opens up the paint for Kaminsky and their big men to do work.

3) Hustle: This may be point #3, but this may be the most important aspects to Wisconsin’s success. Not only are they both a talented and athletic team, but their effort is what sets them apart and gets them extra possessions for their efficient offense. No matter what player is on the floor, they are always going after loose balls, getting on the floor and attacking the offensive glass.

These are what I see as Wisconsin’s strongest points. And on the flip side, if you can speed up Wisconsin’s offense, chase off them off the three point line, and get to the loose balls before they do, you’re improving your chances of defeating the Wisconsin Badgers.

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