Here’s why the gold platinum version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is worth the wait

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Despite having to wait another two weeks (and having to deal with a iPhone 4 during that time), I decided to go with the gold platinum edition of the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

The “stock” colors of white and black are set to be shipped out on April 10th, and the gold version will come out on April 21st (or later). I really dislike having to deal with my SLOW SLOW SLOW iPhone 4 for 10 more days, but after some serious consideration on the spot at Verizon, I decided it was worth waiting for the gold edition

Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold thin

Samsung S6 Gold Platinum floating

Why is it worth the wait? The waiting is a bummer for sure, but the good news is that the gold platinum edition doesn’t cost any more than the black and white versions.

Galaxy S6 Gold front standing

Samsung S6 Gold front back

The gold color has a cachet associated with it. It’s different than the standard black, white or blue colors that smartphones normally come with.

Galaxy S6 Gold-Platinum front back

Another reason to go with the gold platinum version is that there’s a higher resale value for perceived premium colorways. So when I decide to move on from the S6, I feel as if the gold edition will command a higher price probably 10-15% of the average sale price of the black and white versions.


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